Album of the Week 1-13-24

Afternoon folks!

There's some great blues in store for you all this week! Starting off, there's a double album from Muddy Waters fronting a super group on a half-studio, half-live album, following that there's a compilation album of Champion Jack Dupree's New Orleans piano blues and the blues selections finish off with a compilation album of Sun Records recordings from the 50's/60's with some great stuff from Billy "The Kid" Emerson, Rosco Gordon and a bunch of much lesser-known artists.

After that we've got blues-rock albums this week from Johnny Winter and a live album from DC blues band The Nighthawks. Finishing off there's a rock and roll album from noted Texas blues singer Lou Ann Barton.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Muddy Waters / Otis Spann / Michael Bloomfield / Paul Butterfield / Donald "Duck" Dunn / Sam Lay – Fathers And Sons

Champion Jack Dupree - Best Of The Blues

Sun Sound Special: Shoobie Oobie

Johnny Winter - About Blues

The Nighthawks - 10 Years Live

Lou Ann Barton - Forbidden Tones

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I'm not sure I'll ever recover from Muddy Waters and Co.

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@janis b

well, i haven't yet. Smile

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@joe shikspack

I’m glad you’ve archived a huge amount of great music from the past. I’m sure it is widely appreciated, especially since most of the more contemporary music is inferior, and the industry as you noted in the EBs is declining. Does saying ‘inferior’make me an elite ; ).

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back in the 1980s? Not sure of the date, but it was based on the founder of Cadillac Records. The plot was okay, but the soundtrack was righteous. It turned me on to Muddy Waters and Little Walter. The other artists I knew due being a life-long R and B nut. LOL. Thank all the gods for true music keeping us sane in today's world. Smile Rec'd!!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

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i vaguely remember a movie from the 90's sometime (i think) that was loosely based on chess records and some of its better known artists. the one you're talking about is likely the one i saw. if it's the same one, the soundtrack was quite good.

have a great evening!

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Hey Joe,

Awesome Muddy Waters album. That is some great sheet mon. The Johnny Winter is awesome too.

Wonderful stuff man! Thanks!

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yep, that album got a lot of traction and even some airplay on a couple of the local stations here, which was pretty unusual for a blues album. i guess it was because of bloomfield, butterfield and duck dunn.

glad you dug it, have a great evening!

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