Russia's mercenaries are terrorists. Our mercenaries are military contractors

According to the western media the Wagner Group as the very worst of the worst. They are officially a transnational criminal organization, that is made up primarily of convicted felons, and a 'grizzly cult', that uses human wave attacks because it has no respect for life.

“A lot of the content that I see on Telegram and elsewhere is eerily reminiscent of neo-Nazi propaganda, which is an aesthetic that they seem to have copied,” said Colin P. Clarke, the director of policy and research at the Soufan Group, a global intelligence and security consulting firm that monitors Wagner activity online. “It makes sense given the audience they are trying to recruit, who are, essentially, for lack of a better word, sociopaths.”

I don't know what is true about the Wagner Group. They could be cannibals and Satan-worshippers for all I know.
Ukrainian's mercenaries by contrast, are humble, patriotic warriors fighting for democracy.

Volodymyr Zelensky reassured his compatriots yesterday: “Ukraine is already welcoming foreign volunteers who are coming to our country. First ones from 16,000. They are coming to defend freedom, defend life. For us, for everyone. And it will be a success, I’m sure.”

Who who are these people fighting for freedom and life? The first word that comes to mind is - Blackwater.

“We also have information on US instructors of private military companies taking part in the training process, such as Forward Observations Group and Academi,” he said.
The National Corps party was formerly known as the Patriots of Ukraine. Its core base of support comes from the neonazi Azov battalion, which has since been integrated into the Ukrainian army.

However, Blackwater (aka Academi), and it's less than spotless reputation, is old news. They've been upstaged by the new kid on the block - Mozart Group.
Mozart was founded just weeks after the war started in 2022, by former officers in the U.S. Marines Andy Milburn, a high-profile supporter of the Ukraine and and Andrew Bain, a businessman who has lived in Ukraine for over 30 years. One New York Times article said that, for Milburn, “Ukraine represents the morally just war that eluded him his entire career.”

By April 2022, Mozart quickly became a media favorite given its emphasis on conducting primarily humanitarian assistance and military training.

The Mozart Group collapsed a few weeks ago. It existed for less than a year. What happened?

The core problem is that TMG was structured as a limited liability company registered in Wyoming. But Milburn and TMG had encouraged tax-exempt donations through its “alter ego” humanitarian organization, Task Force Sunflower [TFS].

The key difference between LLCs and nonprofits is what they do with the money they generate: LLCs can choose to distribute profits from their business operations, products, and services to their owners. Nonprofits must use revenue after operating expenses and employee salaries to carry out their mission. Nonprofits do not have to pay federal taxes, whereas LLCs do.

Then on January 10, Bain sued Milburn.

filed a lawsuit against Mozart's leader Milburn in Wyoming state, where the group is registered, on charges of "financial fraud, sexual misconduct, burglary, attempted bribery, avoidance of U.S. weapons-transfer regulations, and even threatening a retired American general."
Bain, who says he owns the majority of shares in the military group, said that the head of Mozart Milburn managed the group “in a manner which has caused senior Ukrainian military officers to remark ‘can’t he go home and stop saving our country.’

Milburn struck back by accusing Bain of trying to sell Mozart group to the Taliban.

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and right now Russian prisoner conscripts as well as regular forces are taking very high losses in Russia's attempt at an offensive. Weighing the soldiers of one against those of another in moral terms is inconsequential. All people want to live, they have families, the war is not of their doing. This war was originated at the very highest levels, individuals have nothing to do with it. If Putin brought all his forces back to their own country the war would end tomorrow. The days of invading a neighbor are over.

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@ban nock @ban nock

Russian prisoner conscripts as well as regular forces are taking very high losses in Russia's attempt at an offensive.

According to the western press. The truth is probably something else.
I've been looking around, and I cannot find a single reliable, unbiased source for information on this war. It's even worse than reporting on our occupation of Iraq.
You should check out this video.

If Putin brought all his forces back to their own country the war would end tomorrow.

First of all, Putin will never give up Crimea. If he tried to he would be thrown out.
Secondly, we will settle for nothing less than regime change in Russia.

The days of invading a neighbor are over.

When did this start? Because we are currently occupying 1/3 of Syria.

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@gjohnsit The basics of the war are the same from every source including the Russians. The ability to read between the lines or simply to notice what happened 3 months ago is enough to get the general gist of what is going on. Day to day isn't relevant. Russia and Putin are too dangerous. Leaving Russia with any kind of success is just an invitation for them to invade again after recuperating.

I don't watch vids. If the info is convincing it can be written down. I don't need to be persuaded via some vid.

Syria is not our neighbor. We have a small number of soldiers there. The place is a mess and most assuredly the US does not want to make Syria the 51st state.

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@ban nock

All we do is steal Syria’s oil and place brutal sanctions on them. And even when people post things that are written down you refuse to read it and repeat the propaganda that’s being spooned fed you over and over. The war could end tomorrow if NATO withdraws from all the countries that joined after we promised Russia we wouldn’t allow, stop supporting the Nazis and Ukraine commits to staying neutral.

Btw didn’t you say that you were being censored here? Funny definition of censorship when one is allowed to comment.

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I feel like I’m riding in the backseat of a '66 Thunderbird with Thelma at the wheel and Louise riding shotgun whilst heading towards a cliff.

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is any response short of complete agreement. Or a mocking response. Or no response, because it's not worth responding to.

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There is no justice. There can be no peace.

@ban nock

Russia and Putin are too dangerous. Leaving Russia with any kind of success is just an invitation for them to invade again after recuperating.

Got yourself a mighty big brush there

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@gjohnsit of all of the disadvantages of endless war. I think Krystal took it from a RAND Corporation report. It's at 7:14 of the video. There needed to be a list on the other side of the graph, however, of advantages of endless war. That list only needs one item: "endless money pipeline to military corporations." And that is why we will have endless war. Remember that Afghanistan was a momentously stupid place to wage endless war, and the US managed to do it there for twenty years.

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