Album of the Week - 1-28-23

Afternoon folks!

Another week, another fine mess of blues. This week there's some old country-blues banjo style from the 20's. Dock Boggs was an early country blues player and you'll find lyrics and patterns in his music that show up in later blues compositions. There's also some more modern country blues from Doc Watson.

There's some serious Chicago blues from Eddie Taylor. There's a bunch of blues rock from Roy Buchanan, Free and Evan Johns and the H-Bombs.

There are also albums from Emmylou Harris, It's A Beautiful Day and Renaissance for a little variety in your listening.

I will be adding tunes to the Dock Boggs, Doc Watson and Eddie Taylor playlists. the former sometime next week the latter two over the weekend.


Here 'tis:

Dock Boggs - Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings

Eddie Taylor - Big Town Playboy

Roy Buchanan - Roy Buchanan And The Snakestretchers

Free - Free At Last

Evan Johns & The H-Bombs

Doc Watson - Southbound

Emmylou Harris - Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town

It's A Beautiful Day - Today

Renaissance - Scheherazade

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so, whatever, be well nevertheless. Good Night and Good Luck.

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did some fascist shoot pandora and steal her box?

sounds like a day to mark on the calendar.

sleep well, feel better.

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your basement must be chock-a-full of vinyls
thanks for sharing!

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glad you're enjoying the tunes. yep, there are a lot of boxes of vinyl. i have been collecting music for better than 50 years, i have at least a couple of thousand vinyl albums, probably more, i've never counted them.

have a great evening!

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by TLOML. I had never heard of him.
When I heard this song, I really stopped in my tracks. I am a horse person, an equestrienne as some would say, and a history buff, familiar with how horses changed civilization. Oh, and war.
And, music!

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Hey Joe! Awesome sounds man. I did not need to listen to that Roy Buchanan again, But I did. And it was awesome. That Sweet Dreams is crazy good. I love that seminal 'Messiah' too. A live one in 80's on a bootleg club gig has him saying "if they say it was suicide it wasn't". He changed that intro a lot as he refined it.

Thanks for the great tunes!

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I wouldn't be surprised if you had a warehouse with 2M vinyl LPs stored, joe.
Smile Rec'd!!

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