30 months in, the tally

According to the World o Meter, there have been 97,721,719 "cases" of covid in the USA. Although I still don't know precisely what qualifies as a case, I am one now as I was informed by a nurse in a rehab hospital about a month ago. I was discharged from the hospital a week after testing positive, having received no treatment for the alleged infection. I did get a text from Los Angeles County, a day after getting home, advising me to stay in isolation from human contact for another week. As I related on another diary, I was only isolated from other people and received no treatment whatsoever for my "case" of covid.

As an unvaxxed skeptic of the Covid Story, this came as no surprise, other than the brazenness of the bullshit. The bureaucracy was deadly serious about making sure nobody from the outside world, including my wife, could see me. And the nurses, sanitation workers and therapists who continued to relate to me in the treatment of my actual malady of a stroke, including wiping my ass after defecation, had to wear elaborate protective gear that went into the garbage upon exit from my room.

I was also banned from the gymnasium, where my most rigorous and useful therapy training took place. I stayed trapped in my room for three days past my scheduled release date for no reason that was shared with me as I got doubletalk answers to my questions about when I could get out or why it was delayed.

There were to be meetings among unidentified personages to decide the question.

Aaaccording to the worlometer, there have been 94,243,867 cases that ended with "recovery" -- whatever that means. Having been discharged from the facility strongly suggests that I fall into that category. This begs a huge question -- recovered from what?

At any rate the current number of USA fatalities is at 1,080,356, slightly more than 1% of the cases, and approximately three tenths of one percent of the population at large. I am purposely overlooking the controversy over the method for compiling the deaths figure and taking it at face value. The chance of dying from this thing, even when you "catch it" as I did was always very small -- yet my wife and brother both firmly believed that if you got it, you would die --no doubt. What vivid imaginations. I wonder where they got such absurd assumptions.

I am also ignoring the unhyped but prevalent narrative of Long Covid. However bad these long-term maladies may be, you can't get them if you don't get covid in the first place, and that 97 million figure is obvious nonsense -- a function of the "testing regime" that has now administered well over a billion tests in the USA, almost four per person. In the utterly unscientific but at least verifiable realm of people I know, I am aware of dozens of false positives like me and exactly one fatality, my niece -- who perished at age 60. She had been diabetic and morbidly obese most of her adult life and was a breast cancer survivor. She was a perfect example of the "dying of/dying with controversy"

Finally, I personally experienced the top-down mandated medical response to my own positive test, zero regard for my potential life threatening infection and obsessive and irrational commitment to the isolation rules and rituals. The System did not take the "threat' to my wellbeing seriously enough to do anything about it, but the social rituals of Fear disrupted my therapy for the illness I actually had.

One big thumbs down to the Medical System! First hand testimony.

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with failing to treat COVID, then using it as an excuse to interrupt treatment for which you were hospitalized in the first place.
I believe I have long haul symptoms. Unlike you, I became ill in December 2019 before the virus even had a name. I was treated for flu, double pneumonia, then walking pneumonia. 16 months later, and 12 months after my husband moved in with me, we both took the antibodies test. I showed I had had COVID a long time ago, he was negative. All things point to that horrible flu being, in fact, COVID. I have had a persistent cough ever since, and a skin rash. Same things my brother suffers since he had his flu and pneumonia in October of 2019. Research shows these are fairly common long haul symptoms from Alpha and Omega.
Shit! I gotta get into the courtroom! Running late!

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

here in the us aside from vax and boost. Got a laugh from old biden announcing the
pandemic as being "over". That should be good for a few votes in the midterms? As
to the reality of that statement, there are many who would disagree. Perhaps the fear factor
has diminished, so justifying the lack of sensible plans, record keeping and responsibility.
Plus, we are being made to focus on another useless war. Can't have too many issues
to confuse the masses. I give it a double thumbs down.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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1. They cooked it up. Then accidentally released it through incompetence. Then claimed it came from a market next to the germ warfare building. That a bat flew 1000 miles and landed next to the germ warfare building specializing in bat viruses.

2. It was real and killed people. But even then, way in the beginning, they released statistics that suggested about 2% of the population would get sick and of those only 2% would die. Personally, I wouldn't get on a roller coaster if I were told there was a 2% chance I'd get injured and a very slim but real chance I'd die.

3. These vaccines aren't the usual vaccines. I would compare them vs polio vaccines as digital vs analog. That is, the covid vaccines are an experiment at creating a new type of treatment that attacks a specific symptom that can be identified in a readout. But since covid, like any other virus, mutates the vaccines are ineffective by the time they're approved.

4. At this date covid is now a flu and not much worse than any other flu, if at all.

5. Covid tests are unreliable. They cannot distinguish covid from any other flu.

6. Being careful and washing your hands works better than vaccines. I hope I'm right! Since it all started I've washed an awful lot and this is the longest stretch in my life that I haven't gotten any flu.

As for the drug company's desire for profits...I'm sure there's that but I don't believe it's been a hoax for their benefit. I think it's been real and they rushed in when they saw an opportunity.

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But I have a contrary thought about your second point, which is about perspective on this phenomenon,
with reference to the danger of getting on a roller coaster, which I do not find apt or persuasive.
A better analogy to the long shot but real danger of a roller coaster ride would be whether the government should shut down the whole fairgrounds and censor all opposition to the "safety" policy.

I agree with you and I do not want to get infected with this or any other disease. The question is how much coercion and social disruption is appropriate to reduce the threat of people getting hurt on unsafe amusement park attractions or other threats to health and well being.

Otherwise, a great post.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

I spoke to a woman with a deadly blood disorder. The dr. told her not to get vaxxed. Why I am surprised is because he had bragged about saving lives using IVM very early into the pandemic. Suddenly, he stopped prescribing it unless labs proved you had parasites. No doubt in my mind he had been sternly warned of his wicked, life-saving measures, by the Medical Board.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981