The progressive collapse is complete [Update: Not Yet]


Speaker Nancy Pelosi set a House vote Friday on a $550 billion public works bill but delayed a vote on a larger tax and spending bill that forms the bulk of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

House Democrats do not yet have agreement on the larger bill, worth more than $1.75 trillion, and a vote on passage could be pushed until after a week-long recess. Instead the House will take a procedural vote Friday that will allow that legislation to advance to the floor later.

I predict that a vote on the larger bill will never happen.

In contrast, this happened yesterday.

Now it appears the House is inching toward a vote on that legislation, with another on the infrastructure bill to follow on Friday.

Progressives led by Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) have seen the bill get whittled down from $3.5 trillion amid opposition from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and House centrists, and they’ve had to agree to concessions on priority policies.

But the bill headed toward getting a vote includes once again four weeks of family leave, making it stronger from their perspective than the framework deal announced last week.

It’s possible that the family leave provision will be cut before a Senate vote, but the action by the House is intended to make it more difficult to remove it completely from the package.

Progressives have given up their only leverage.

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Got to see how it plays out.

The head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus quickly shut down Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) plan to vote Friday on an infrastructure bill without also passing the larger social benefits package that Democrats have sought for months.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said liberals are holding firm to their insistence that both bills move together — a strategy they believe gives them the greatest leverage in negotiations with centrist Democrats when the benefits package moves to the Senate.

And they have the numbers to sink the infrastructure bill if it comes up alone.

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Their congressional wages alone put them in the upper 10-20% income bracket.
Apparently the removal of the SALT deduction limits is still in the bill, which will give even more money to millionaires.
Isn't that sweet.

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WHO is the world's worst tax haven scam? US states like Delaware, or the UK's City of London? ?

No more tax shelter SCAMS!

The rich need to pay taxes!

No more give aways! NONE Joe, NO MEANS NO.

My vote goes to the US and the CIA, because of their this brilliant scam to evade taxes - see the comments here on the taxation shell game "deal" Which protects the oilygarchs and lets them evade halof of the taxes they pay now.. Its a shameless scam.

Look at how they helped hide the fakeness of the WTO-barred fake 'progressive' platform being blocked by GATS, so it was a cover up.

If wouldnt be if it wasnt banned from the start, nomatter how much sense it made, it was verboten.
Just like we'll see the NHS is. They laid the biggest lie trap for us. It may have been good policy but it was not policy the President or US as a WTO member could have implemented without first leaving the GATS. So it was entirely fake. Also they HID the case that India is bringing against us totake the middle clas jobs in their entirety. After all they need them. Their Brahmins cant do medial labor like washing dishes or cleaning upo their own poop. They are entitled. , Look at the tax havens and the people who run them, we are seeing corruption now like the world has never known. And its all centered around the US and former UK colony tax havens, Delaware now being one of the BIGGEST in the world. ,Its purpose to help the rish evade responsibility for the mess they have made the world into ich if we lose, could mean the end of the middle class in the US.

The US is in this mess deep. Delaware hides the wealth of the rich. Hiding the sweetheart deals they get, underlining the financial system. Criminals who now control the media and now have newspapers hide aall the theft. Victims always blamed. Most important facts always hidden. Everything is "backwards", convoluted, the unmistakable sign of the biggest


Who is now the biggest tax haven in the world? The US is tied with the Spidrs Web. The thieves - Taxation is not Communism. No matter what they blame their crimes on, they cant hide the associations which make the link between the fasism of the very rich, the obvious theft.. It all started in the so called end of colonialism, and its goal was to continue to9 hide the wealth of the very rich and create fakeness. for the rich. Hiding their assets under smoke and mirrors.. ISnt that what they are doing here in the US with healthcare? One scam after another. By country. And almost as large as the City of London's Spiders Web which now holds more than half the money in the world in a web of countries and a confusing "bocage' intended to hide the beneficial ownership of oligarchs and make recovery of their thefts almost impossible by hiding their assets under shell after shell after shell..

Read Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Islands" book. Now.

This is what a number of trade publications have been telling us. Millions of desk jobs and white collar jobs would be lost to offshoring and outsourcing. Why pay Americans to do them when Indian firms do them for 1/3 mas much. We already agreed to this in 1994. Its been covered up by a huge disinformation campaign. They are


. Hiding what amounts to the largest theft in human history. Also the largest redistribution of wealth in human history. Upward.

The CIA is going to be seen in a more realistic light. It doesnt help our nations security to help foreign special interest loot the nation of its jobs ande doom our young people to crap jobs in perpetuity. But thats what they are doing by allowing this theft. Under the guise of anti-democracy "trade agreements" which make the vote ineffectual. In other words steal the power of the vote from all of us. The Trilemma of the Global Economy, according to economist Dani Rodrik, holds us all in a golden straitjacket, enslavged to the demand of global capital. Business must be more and more profitable, demanding ever rising returns out of any business that is not evil to all.

Like Cruella De Ville. Sure we can vote for more shambolism and fakeness. More dalmatan or endangered species furs, or even green friendly fake furs.

Be it from Tweedledum or Tweedledee, Dumb or Dumber. Hooray, showing our individuality, Coke or Pepsi. But neither tweedle can do anything of note, except cut more regulations and taxes, and flush all of our futures down the drain Thats what we voted for they will say. We fell for the scam every time. Thats what we get for doing so. We are being scammed by the neoliberals and Austrian and Geneva School globalists, fake economics. zit weill all explode in. .

Ever since they signed our democracy away on December 8, 1994. Giving the future world to the richest oilygarchs. The slimy rich. Claiming to own the world. What about the voters? Who own what? Nothing. Taking the step to get rid of all public services, if anything is sold by anybody the government cant step in - this deal dooms Social Security and Medicare. Also it gives banks the ri