Last chance for progressives to show they aren't gaslighting us


I like how this headline is worded. Because is there anyone is America today that doesn't expect the progressives to fold like an accordion?

The White House's $1.75 trillion budget reconciliation is out, and make no mistake: Progressives got rolled.
The question is what they'll do next. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) insists this version of Build Back Better "needs to be improved," while Missouri Rep. Cori Bush (D), more bluntly, says she feels "bamboozled." The Democratic majorities are so thin legislation can be defeated if only a handful of members go rogue, to say nothing of the whole Progressive Caucus. This fact has given moderate Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) enormous influence on the process up to this point. Now it's time for lawmakers further left to flex their muscles. They will, and they speak for more Democrats than Manchin or Sinema, especially in deep blue districts.

But Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) still have one ace in the hole: As much as the progressives may talk like the Freedom Caucus, they don't define success the same way. The Freedom Caucus is often content to tank a bill and get nothing. Progressives don't work that way.

Hell, they haven't even finalized the wording on this joke of a bill, and they expect progressives to simply approve it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is aiming to hold a vote Thursday on the $550 billion measure, but progressives have insisted that a larger social safety net bill proceed alongside the Senate-passed infrastructure package. Democrats, however, have yet to finalize the social policy bill due to sharp disagreements between moderates and progressives.

Biden's expected visit on Thursday, first reported by CNN, could briefly delay his planned departure for overseas summits. But White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday that “there’s flexibility” built into his schedule.

He's expecting progressives to fold within a single day.
[Update: Biden already left the country.]
And they probably will. I just spotted this.

House progressives say they're willing to stop holding the bipartisan infrastructure bill hostage based on a presidential promise.

Why it matters: A key sticking point for progressives supporting the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill was their requirement the Senate first pass the nearly $2 trillion social safety net expansion they favor. Now, they say senators only have to promise they'll do so before they support the BIF.

I don't know if this is true, but it sounds true, and that would explain why Pelosi/Shumer/Biden are pushing it through now.
Congressional Black Caucus mis-leadership is all ready to cave in.

"I don’t think we’re in a position to keep kicking the can down the road," Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, said Tuesday.

"Is it perfect?" Beatty said when asked how she feels about the reconciliation bill, and whether a deal is close. "We don't live in a perfect world, and we're not going to give you a perfect answer, but I'm going to give you another ‘P,’ and it's called progress."

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I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

I agree with this

There are actually quite a few gains for progressives if they take a page out of Manchin’s book and play hardball like this.

One is protecting their own credibility. Progressives have, rightly, made much of the fact that they haven’t rolled over under pressure like they’ve tended to do for years and years, and these negotiations were meant to herald a new era of progressive backbone, turning them into a real force that wouldn’t be pushed around anymore.

Acquiescing now after virtually every one of their red lines has been crossed, and all at the behest of a much smaller faction of corporate-bought lawmakers, would undo all of this, prove their most cynical detractors right, and ensure their threats are never taken seriously again.

Two, progressives shouldn’t forget they’re not the only ones with something to lose here. For all of Manchin’s posturing, remember the full sum of what he told Sanders last week, as recounted by Senator Chris Coons: “We should just pass the infrastructure bill and, you know, pause for six months.” [emphasis mine]

As Manchin let slip, he’s not actually “comfortable with zero.” In fact, he and his fellow naysayers are quite desperate to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, with its much-needed improvements to physical infrastructure and its corporate giveaways, because it’s what their corporate masters want. While opposing the reconciliation bill, corporate America — from the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers to the National Retail Federation and many more big business groups — are fully behind that part of Biden’s agenda. Call Manchin’s bluff and see how much he sweats when he goes back to his corporate patrons empty-handed.

On top of this, progressives should thirdly keep in mind that digging in puts the onus on Democratic leadership to finally put pressure on this desperate right-wing bloc. Remember that if both of these bills fail — which they will, without every single Democratic senator and almost every House Democrat on board — Joe Biden potentially goes down in history as a failed president with only one significant legislative accomplishment.

Progressives should simply go home and turn off their phones for the weekend.
They won't, but that's what they should do.

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Progressive House Democrats intend to vote for both the domestic investment bill and the infrastructure measure but want to see a text of the spending bill first, U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal said on Thursday.

Jayapal, who leads the progressive wing, said her caucus was working on a resolution backing U.S. President Joe Biden's Build Back Better framework but that there was not enough support yet to move forward with a vote on the separate infrastructure plan. Lawmakers were willing to work through the weekend, she added.

So they are only holding up this garbage bill because they want it in writing first.
I guess this is what passes for "standing up for the voters".

[edit] So they haven't totally caved for now.

The House again delayed a vote on the president's bipartisan infrastructure bill Thursday after opposition by progressives made it clear the legislation would not pass.

Why it matters: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had told Democrats earlier in the day she would call a vote after President Biden said "my presidency will be determined" by the passage — or lack thereof — of his two massive spending bills.

The Speaker pulled out all the stops on Thursday to pass the bill, including a caucus-wide visit from the president, a release of the text for the $1.75 trillion spending package and a Rules Committee hearing — but to no avail.

Pelosi has no respect for progressives either. This will just piss her off.

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Our last hope is a 2022 wipeout, but then he'll have to find the ruthlessness to purge all his quisling "friends."
Repeat after me, "We survived Trump once..."

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On to Biden since 1973

Just electing a bunch of Republicans isn't going to help the working class.
If it did, then the 1994, 2010, and 2014 election wipeouts would have had a positive impact by now.

either way, there will be a wipeout in 2022 anyway.

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@doh1304 If you asked him, I'm sure he'd have some mealy mouthed rot about voting out Trump, "fighting for", "getting people talking about" and all the usual garbage the so called progressive Dems sell as accomplishment.

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Idolizing a politician is like believing the stripper really likes you.

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This was written countless times and in countless ways over there.

Welp that's how it works when you don't have fifty votes. We got the best we could this time around. Celebrate the good and get to work electing more Dems that hold your views.

It’s the people who decided to stay home fault that democrats failed to pass their bill, not the democrats that continue to not pass what they run on you see. Even Obama recently admonished the people who didn’t vote because they didn’t get their pony.

Joe highlighted an article in yesterday’s EBs on how Pelosi and Steny scolded progressives to not embarrass Biden by holding up his bill because they didn’t get their pony either. Bernie could just refuse to vote for another billionaire give away but he won’t embarrass his good friend Joe. Again this is the 3rd time democrats have held all branches of government and the 3rd time they have had Joe….block their agendas. How many more times does it need to happen before people finally see that democrats will never help the working class again because they sold out during Clinton’s tenure to the Koch? They have been shoveling money to Manchin and Sinema and gawd only knows how many other democrats. Republicans are lol for getting blamed again when it’s democrats doing the screwing.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

From about age 11 or so, I became a politics junky and I followed every detail of political fights like the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills, the Watergate Hearings, the Carter Era version of "Labor Law Reform," the Kemp-Roth Tax Bill, the First Iraq War Resolution -- and so on until 2010 when it hit me that Barack Obama was a fraud.

Since then, I lost all interest in following the Acts of Congress. I missed the First Impeachment of Trump and the Second Impeachment of Trump and I plan to miss the January 6 hearings.

And every other bit of silliness from the two sock puppets attached to the same Leviathan.

Let me know if anything good ever happens in the United States Congress. At best, FDR and LBJ got some Quite a Bit Better Than Nothing legislation through those hallowed halls. Since then, Electoral Politics has resumed it long time irrelevancy to anything good.

All we can hope for is Less Bad. But even on this, what we say or do has no bearing on the outcome of the contest between Bad and Less Bad.

Grumpiness about electoral politics does not mean I think it is hopeless. Just expecting the current regime to change its normal pattern of organized bribery is hopeless. Facts on the ground change dramatically all the time, and people do have immense potential to create new facts on the ground.

But it has not happened lately. The current Cauldron of Bullshit about everything from public health, to climate change, to the housing and stock market "booms" taking place while entire industries are disappearing -- from stem to stern this is a rotten ship of state and no change in national direction is going to be initiated by Congress.

Learning about futility is always a slow process. But necessary.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

@fire with fire had 2-1 Dem majorities when they unveiled their major legislative programs in 1933 and 1965. With FDR coming in during the Great Depression, people were demanding action now. And in 1965 the Repub Right had just been blown out and discredited in the 64 landslide, paving the way for liberal legislative initiatives. And in both cases there were enough moderate Rs to make deals with. No legislative genius required to get good bills passed in either of those nearly-ideal circumstances.

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The part where our already bought and paid for publicly owned assets like roads, bridges and transit is privatized?

Why can't we have actual, principled "Progressives" "Dangerously extreme left-wingers" or whatever else the D/R's call them, that actually stand up and are willing to go down fighting, instead of rolling over and playing dead at the earliest opportunity? I'm looking at you too, Bernie Sanders.

I want another FDR (as imperfect as he was), that literally welcomed the hate of the "Economic Royalists".

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...and it is unlikely that there ever will be. Wherever an authentic Left has popped up in the US — like in labor movements or unions or strikes or anti-war or civil rights activism — it was beaten to a bloody pulp. After it was completely suppressed, "Tokenism" would take place and a few broken Leftists would be allowed into the Duopoly. Most suffered no delusions about what they were. so they did not rock the boat.

There was certainly FDR. He neutralized the political rise of an establishment Left by anticipating and enacting their popular policy solutions from within the duopoly. As they say, FDR saved capitalism from its almost certain defeat, had the Left been allowed to establish itself as an official political presence by acting as a credible opposition party. In the US, the Left and Leftist values are a permanent stand-in for the Communist Party. In the end, everything that FDR did for Americans — and everything Eleanor Roosevelt did at the UN for the world — has been systematically dismantled and twisted into perverse weapons that are continuously deployed against Leftist movements and Communism wherever they appear in the world.

In any event, the Left is too disenfranchised to rescue this failed state. And the Token Progressives are no help at all — they are captured and abused by the Establishment sell-outs on both sides of the Duopoly.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
— Voltaire

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Is it?

I liked this comment:

"War is a racket. Law enforcement is a racket. Intelligence is a racket. We could be using these tactics to make ourselves and each other better but instead we hurt people"

The politicians and web suites are fake. They must be part of something like this (pictured in the linked UK video)?

Which was pretty good. I wish we could expose all the phonies and kick them out on their fat asses.
Trump was part of the dystopian brew His phony critics are too. Its like a circle of vomit within a circle within a circle. fake reality show.

Very interesting and well written review of the film by Umar Nasser on DeclassifiedUK

Nobody really knows too much, in fact we don't know enough. We never know enough.

The British Royal Family were Nazis, is that true, friends?

Now the Channel Islands are filthy tax havens.

My wife just told me, if in intelligence cats are a "1" then dogs are a 1.2 and people a 7.

Not very encouraging.

I think that disinfo entities much like the ones who manipulate the UK are aklsoo in action here confusing all of us probably as some kind of organized effort. Making it so we cant trust the media anymore, unfortunately the bigger an entity is the more likely it is to have the claws of these ugly manipulators into them. Someday soon, this may become obvious.

Watch the video. Its of a very different time and pkace but the situation is very informative about the manipulation industry and how these irresponsible sleazy people confuse truth.

Propaganda should be kept out of government. Tax money should not fund disinformative media, sock puppetry, etc.

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Umm where did he do that? More military equipment to cops, more drilling and fracking permits, no reversing the Trump tax cuts, no $15 wage, no public option, more money for the military…just where did he?

I want what they’re both smoking.

Obama still lying. But I bet people cheered when he said that.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

It's important to understand what my expectations were.
I expected almost nothing good, so anything the Biden Administration did that wasn't totally awful exceeded my expectations.

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It's impossible to see and understand the social and political dynamics at play in the world, if one doesn't steer clear of the Progressives and the Shitlibs and the futility of their noisy self-delusions.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
— Voltaire

Progressives win again: No infrastructure vote tonight

House Democratic leaders on Thursday abandoned another attempt to clear the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill as progressives held firm to their refusal back it without a concrete agreement on a separate social spending package.

It's the third time in about a month House Democratic leadership has punted the bill, and it came after President Biden made a rare visit to the Capitol to beseech House Democrats to help him advance his agenda as a matter of demonstrating that American democracy can still function.

I never knew that winning can feel like this.

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It redefines winning to "we postponed losing"

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Same with AOC, such a bright start but now, she's really just another yes person.

I wonder if her own life will be untouched by the huge economic cleansing that I suspect will devastate NY neighborhoods (where I was born and grew up in part.) soon. Seling off natural gas will mean loss of the postwar housing that makes up the Bronx skyline, ya know, AOC.

Our constituents wont be able to stay in the hood unless you've made them rich by then. Otherwise they are going to be pushed out by redevelopment. Who is going to build them affordable housing, you (as a private individual) the WTO GATS forbids any level of government from building it now. Beginning January 1, 1995? Privatization is a one way street.

You will probably be looking for it yourself. Welcome to America. Not a hospitable place for normal working people without the big bucks to buy seven figure one bedroom homes.

Have you ever seen "The Worst Room" its a web site about looking for a room to rent in NYC.

This is a paper about GATS that has a bit about the push into medical tourism we're likely to see.

The Scope of GATS and of Its Obligations
Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies Working Paper 117

Being pushed out despite "doing everything right" is a really horrible outcome people wont forget. The system is designed to do that now. Its on autopilot. But its a monster. You'll see.

Saskia Sassen (professor at Columbia U and social scientist/author) writes about these "expulsions" going on all around the world of indigenous folk like the soon to be ex New Yorkers. and I think she is one of the only people to get it. get whats going on with their Global Grab. Its a lot like the Enclosure. A theft of everything from everybody by the very rich. It has nothing to do with Trump -it predates him actually going back to the 80s, 90s and the Uruguay Round and a huge global deal between the world's Oligarchs to grab everything and end the middle class and the very idea of one, and put the world back on track to the race to the bottom, Also kind of like the Yalta Napkin, divide up the whole world between themselves.. Using very sophisticated deception . They seem to have fooled you too. Have they? They are real pros. They have nothing but contempt for democracy, those globalists. Majoritarians, they call us. Theirs is not the kind of goal that inspires honesty at the top. Quite the opposite. The neoliberals and the Geneva gang are a dishonest, elitist cult.

Watch the video, its very very good. If you want to understand whats really happening, Their huge global grab. All roads lead to it and NOTHING ELSE. Read my links!

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It sure looks like a cave to me…

A really significant achievement? Wtaf? There’s nothing left of progressive goodies in it. Wow way to hold firm there. Grumble and words not printable…

In other words I’m doing what Pelosi told me to do. Not embarrass the president. Maybe, but you should be embarrassed for selling out millions of people.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

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Helping the huge Democratic hiding of all of it. Te biggest theft of all time. Since I see no discussion of this here, should I assume I am being "shadowbanned" here too? Truth matters. I am telling us the truth.

Without the power we once had, everything we the people have is being taken. Its a skillful theft but still very much a huge theft. People will be left with nothing. Congresswoman Jayapal is not helping her mother land and guest workers like she once was by assisting their employer firms to hide a crime. Because they come here to ESCAPE the kind of state capture GATS represents, and she is helping it follow them here and ruin everything good about this country, a very bad scam on the nation. Lok at the video I posted on real life hero YUsef Hamied of CIPLA the other day, Maybe you should also watch Fire in the Blood.;

Note how he said at the very end of the video I posted the link to yesterday that the hope for affordable generic drugs in India was killed and back dated to start on January 1, 1995. The dirty deal is GATS and TRIPS and the WTO. That should make it crustal clear what is murdering POOR people.

Dear Ms,Jayapal, You stand in a very uniqque and important position because of your background, having started your experience in the US as a non-immigrant visa holder. We are all incredibly lucky to have you I hope. Look we are all in this together. Dont fall for the trade hype, its all a big lie. We all like you. But we dont like being lied to and a nice smile, although itgoes a long way cant go far enough in this case. Because our jobs are not bargaining chips. And people need jobs. I personallyt must have gone on, had my tim4e wasted by at least 30 or so fake interviews, for jobs that did not exist, conducted in order to populate some form Indian temping firms must fill out to demonstrate how they tried and failed in finding Amerricans to do jobs. In a sham interview process so they could bring over low wage Indian workers. They now are claimning to hire Americans but its sham. No other country's firms do this. Something i seriously wrong and the source of it is GATS. These firms now view themselves a sposessing an entitlement to potentially an unlimited number of jobs. Read Inside US Trade for March 10, 2016. Right at the time when India filed their dispute against us in the WTO. Are you familiar with it. You need to read the noin public parts of it which its my undertsnding challenge practices which if ended would lead to radical changes in the US workplace. Basically the loss of potentially millions of good jobs. This is what the insane events of the last few years have been all about. You know how incredibly difficult those who tried to end slavery found it to be. You know the US still has not abolished it for good, just slavery by race. Well slavery still expists all around the world and now a elite of very sleazy people are tryingto bring it back via the WTO. That is what I am trying to tell you about. This country does not stand for slavery. We have to think of a way to end the sl;avery within the constrains of the law, and avoid potentially huge WTO sanctions and a global backlash against us. Now I do not speak any of the Indian languages, but I sometimes watch Indian TV trying to grok the various issues that intrest me this GATS Mode 4 issue being the one I particularly try to follow. Well there was a discussion of it in what must have been Indin prime time in the middle of the "hello Modi" event in Texas last year. But I dont like how gullible you have been. For one thing, you should have realized that we made committments that block public healthcare and indeed public everything, in the WTO. Now you have to tell people mwhay has happened and that its going to be difficult and costly to walk our commitments back, because what India wants cannot possiblyhappen, because its a huge lie. I have to tell you, I cannot afford to retire early and I am sure I share that with hundreds of billions of other Americans. Whats being perpetrated against all os us including the children of Indian Americans like yourself is a theft, and trick. Please make it your business to find out whats behind this and who. Who is a group of people who no doubt pretended to act on our behalf representing us but they didn not as shown by their scam - concealing it and no doubt even deceiving congress. They are truly evil people as shown by the fruit of their tree so to speak. By their deeds shall you know them. They must be awfully proud of themselves to have deceived the entire country and wasting our time but it wouldnt be the first time they had done it. lets look back to the mid 90s when to hide the GATS they did this before. So please Congresswoman Japyapal, you deserve a huge apology from them and we the people dio. We have been conned by certainly amonhg the worlds biggest con artists but they dint owbn us or this country, they are CROOKS. Did you fall for their tricks? It all seems so obvious to me what they are doing and who is doing it. Wake up. OLigarchs need to deal with the lies they created and stop their tricks. They are also conning lots of Indians. They are also tryingto destroy Social Security and Medicare which is againstbthe neoliberal ideology and are in grave danger because of GATS. We need experts to help us navigate this mess and EXTRUICATE our country from their lies. There are several kick ass women who we should be speaking with. They are Deborah James, Jane Kelsey, and Sanya Reid Smith, and Lori Wallach. BUT maybe she is a little too cozy wit the WTO, she had the smoking gun proving that GATS caused the 2008 crash and she let them off the hook and was way too polite to them. BUt to tell the truth, she is also a Kick as lady (and I men that in a very good way) We all need to wake up. Find our voices and stop putting lipstick on this wild pig. No wil boar. Here is Fire in the Blood. This film won an award in 2013 and brought tears to my eyes. But now thanks to us and the WTO poor people are being thrown back into the fire. This has to stop they will never stop unless they are exposed, all this must be exposed, including yourself if you hide it any longer. Stop . Those armies of young men wont want to live here if its just like where they left, with no opportunities except for the rich who pay the bribes to get sent here. They should not get jobs given to them, or permission to work, as they are taking many Americans jobs and putting them through a stressful ordeal of training their rplacements. The GATS is a fraud on our nation by crooks and MUST BE REPUDIATED.Its a global THEFT also a theft of all our country Think of your children, all of our nation's children They deserve a decent life, decent work, not modern day slavery. free of OLIGARCH CAPTURE.

Just say no to the dishionest firms. Also they should never get away with paying less than decent US wages a comparable wage that is comparable to what Americans doing the same work get paid, which in IT is usually aminimumk of around 65k a year, not 6:50 hour. (what the Maylasian firm in Matter of I corp wanted to pay their candidate.. an engineer who was proposed for a work visa to Portland Oregon firm aa city where minimum wage is betwen eight and nine dollars an hour but according to my friend Nitin (who is indian) an average salary in his field is around $70k. Ask the young men. We dont quetion their capabilities what we want is fairness. Businesses shouldnt come here to exploit othertput in a powerlss situation by US laws. However itys lso unfair to all of us to use them as a means of destroying unins and worker rights. Laws should bring out th good in all including emplyers orkers and promite professionalism. To do that we need to replace and reject this current situation. The huge PR cmpaihn claiming Am,ericans dont want jobs is a lie. What Americans want is decent jobs thtat ray people who do complex essential difficult work fairly. The attack on decent woirk by GATS and its advocates must end. Lets not start another slavery. . But Americans wont forget how they were cheated out of affordable healthcare. Weneeded to attack the barriers at their source which is the WTO and its Article I:3. You want to knwo what the source is its GATS Article I:3 b+c. England too. England is being set up for an even more nasty theft of th NHS. I can tell you exactly how and why and prove it. I was right but because it was soken out in a way that proved I was right, they immediately ended hid my twitter account because tghe UK government hd ben lying yp their proplr about brexit to hide a hiden barrrier to a succesful Brexit in the WTO. Anyway, there it is in black and white and we could make history by resolving this and ending a huge trap caused by Article I:3. But until we leave the GATS we are in great danger. This theft is like an iceberg looming up on us. I wish I could help. Reach iut tome, I am willing to totally devote my time to trying to solve this mess in a win win way. Without people like me we have little choice of navigating these waters without falling into one of the many traps. See fire in the blood.

NOW. pretend I am your mom, telling you watch this film now.
Its an incredible story, shows you the true face of the WTO. Or the true face in the early 2000s
Did you read Facing Facts? (by Sinclair, et al) There are thousands of links on my site.. under lots of relevant links.. You will find Nick Skala's paper there. Hoiw could he have died so suddenly at age 27. you should. We have a government with FACTIONS that are out of control. And Trade deals are where they are screwing up. They dont speak for this country. We have to dump these bad deals and not look back. You especially need to undertsnd this. They diont help the poor and their intention is to Kill poor peoples Hope. Read the book by WIlliam Blum, Killing Hope. If you have not already. Read the recent book Globalsts by Quinn Slobodian. Were being ruled by a cult. Not congress, and we need to clean house. This cult probably staged the whole last few decades.. Including Trump. Youre being manipulated. The WTO rules block all the progressive policy. Youre all being taken for fools. Led into what is basically a trap, with one way ratchet traps..Sorry but it had to be said. Learn about the brick wall we are banging our heads against from my links, you could do that. Fast. . Tear it down. Dont try to negotiate with it. The politicians no longer have the power to change anything thanks to GATS. Bernie lied. He hid GATS. Dont you hide it too. Stop. Its a big lie.

The only way out is out of GATS. Read its Article 21. Read Nicholas Skala's last paper. He who died on August 8, 2009 just weeks or possibly days after testifying to the House Progressives. (I dont know the exact date) Read his paper and his recommendations at its end.

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The Build Back Better is pure pork.
My tax rate will go up, as it did during Trump's tenure, and as it did with Obama's administration.

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the dems spent months trying to mollify two conservatives. Then they turn around and it's take it or leave it for the progs. I suppose it's a win for the dems. Either it's a big nothing burger that makes very little in the way progress or they get to make the progressives the bad guy.

But lets face it, the progressive is always the bad guy. If they complain about getting nothing, they're disloyal and weak. If they stand firm they're traitors.

Wonder what the world did before there were hippies to punch. Maybe they deserve it this time. They went through this with Obama, they should know better. Keep getting pushed and eventually your back will be against the wall with no where to go.

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Of the Build Ass Backwards Plan.

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