John Durham Reappears, but his Investigation Isn’t Over

‘Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History’, PJ Media, Victoria Taft,  Sep 22, 2021

“We already know about Hillary Clinton’s attempted takedown of the Donald Trump candidacy and presidency in the Russia hoax. We know a government lawyer lied to the FISA court in order to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. We know about Christopher Steele’s fake “dossier,” the spying on the Trump campaign by the FBI, and the deployment of Democrat apparatchiks to conscript their Leftist media transcribers to plant or amplify the fake news in the service of The Party.” [...]

“Durham’s move wasn’t so much about the indictment of Hillary lawyer Michael Sussman of Perkins Coie. It’s about whom Sussman used and the gobsmacking and sweeping conspiracy to get Trump.

Taft writes that the 27-page indictment alleges that Sussman lied to the FBI and several other government officials, including Congress, to get his girl elected. But that’s small potatoes. Page ten is where the Spidey-senses go into overdrive.

“In other words, Durham alleges that a tech executive used by the Democrats, and who hoped to work in cyber security for the Clinton White House, used his insider knowledge to conjure up phony internet links between candidate/president Trump and Alfa Bank, based in Russia. The man known in the indictment as Tech Executive 1 used this proprietary information from his companies and his connections and contracts with a U.S. university to use those workers to phony up the connections between Trump and the Russian bank.  Durham notes that Tech Executive 1 was “in the process of finalizing” a sensitive government contract. It’s clear, however, he had access to sensitive intelligence that was “un-public,” in the words of the indictment, and used this intelligence to prove-up how he’d counteract cyber breaches covered by the contract.”

Please help me out here; I’m dangerously close to exceeding Fair Use rules.  Please add what you see at will.

Related: ‘Trump Unplugged & Trump Canceled, 11/11/2020, wd, c99%

In an unprecedented move, MSNBC, NBC News, CNBC, CBS News, ABC News, and even publicly funded NPR(Radio), cut their feed(s) from the White House as Trump began to speak about alleged voting irregularities during the 2020 contest. Among the major broadcasters, only Fox and CNN chose to air the full speech. A CNN chyron shown during his speech read: Without any evidence, Trump says he’s being cheated.

A few pithy rejoinders from @ajamubaraka on  Nov 8

“Folks, how does the privately owned capitalist press determine who is the “president elect”? Answer: the same way they will determine the president of Venezuela or any other nation where they are attempting to execute the agenda of the dominate wing of the capitalist oligarchy.


Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling ‘lists’ of Trump supporters in case ‘they try to deny complicity’ in future’, 7 Nov, 2020,

“Among the project’s supporters is Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), who called to document the “tweets, writings [and] photos” of “Trump sycophants” so that they can’t “deny their complicity with the current administration.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 6, 2020

“In terms of ‘sycophants who were complicit with Trump’, she was a signatory to a missive (along with other ‘progressives’ and the rest of The Squad) to Sec. Thug Pompeo criminalizing the Maduro Regime, but requesting No Military Invasion, No Further Sanctions…lest everyday citizens in VZ be adversely affected.  #HowCoy

But this may Take the Cake, lol:

‘Ocasio-Cortez to Constituents on Bolivian Coup: Drop Dead’, by Jacob Levich, Feb. 14, 2020,

“Rep. Ocasio-Cortez symbolically embraced the coup by posing for a photo with this group as they brandished the tricolor Bolivian flag, which during that period had become a signal of support for the golpistas (as opposed to the Wiphala flag, which symbolized popular resistance to the takeover). She told them that she supports their “democratic grassroots movement” and offered them “direct lines of communication.”

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Is BS. People forget the timing of it. It was an attack on Bernie. $hillary tried to blame Russian for the attack on Bernie.

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@Battle of Blair Mountain

durham's Wiki entry says this:

"John Henry Durham (born March 16, 1950)[3][4][5] is an American lawyer who served as the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut from February 2018 to February 2021. In April 2019 he was assigned to investigate the origins of the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, and in October 2020 he was appointed Special Counsel for the Department of Justice on those matters, a position he still holds."

Russian interference



"The Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with the goals of harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton, boosting the candidacy of Donald Trump, and increasing political and social discord in the United States. According to the U.S. intelligence community, the operation—code named Project Lakhta[1][2]—was ordered directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin.[3][4] The Special Counsel's report, made public in April 2019, examined numerous contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials but concluded that there was insufficient evidence to bring any conspiracy or coordination charges against Trump or his associates."

the troll farms, ads, and all that rubbish.

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on both sides of the isle need to burnish into our heads, is the MSM is not right or left. Not conservative or liberal. Nor Capitalist or Socialist.
It is through and through Billionaire Class mechinations. For their benefit, and their benefit only.
They have us right where they want us, divided.

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After six years, still getting robo-calls from Marriot Hotels.
They're like herpes.

moved me to start reading Sussman's 2017 testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, which was only released about a year ago, and it's instructive to see how careful he is not to say Russia exfiltrated any data from the DNC.

Previously in 2017, his partner Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike had testified to the Committee that there was no hack, no evidence of exfiltration from the DNC.

So even if Durham's investigation is limited, it has already shown through documentation and in testimony under oath that false information was provided by Sussman to the DOJ and to the FBI about the Alfa Bank case, and that because he is a DNC legal representative, Sussman can never reveal his knowledge of DNC crimes revealed in the DNC emails, which would explain his motivation for providing the false information.

Reporting of this false information by mainstream media, embellished to the point of it being a new Pearl Harbor, a sinister attack on America by Russia, was at best, as it turns out then, A MISTAKE.

That mistake caused the Congress to vote for the first time in American history for a line item starting with the letter "T", a trillion dollars to remodel our nuclear weapons, build a new submarine fleet, and build new missile silos.

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@Linda Wood

of a diligent scholar, amiga. i thank you for the history and analysis.

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on the Durham investigation:

Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Tied to Alleged 2016 Clinton Scheme to Co-Opt the CIA and FBI to Tar Trump | RealClearInvestigations

Where does John Durham go from here? - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary

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@Linda Wood

PJ media said that super-sleuths will guess at who the Tech players are.

wish i thought i could remember those two articles, but i'll know where to look when i need them.


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I'd by dropping the ball if I failed trying to point out a number of facts that seem compelling in showing that the opposite may well be true.

There is no way in a million years that the Clinton campaign which is linked to the racist and elitist neoliberal cult that is now running most of the world (Mount Perlerin Society, Hayek, Roepke, WTO etc. and other anti-"majopritarian" entities will get away with their spin campaign trying to hide the agenda they are pushing. onald Trump seems to me to have been part of their disinfo scheme..

One phrase Slobodian uses is "double government" this is what Hannah Arendt described as sort of a diagnostic sign of totalitarianism.. (see page 413, Origins of Totalitarianism) .

With the WTO they are successfully hijacking the world's entire direction and undermining the aspects of the US that make it a better place than many to live and work. With the WTO they have hijacked anything involving government procurement and jobs (services) and put our society on a path to the globalist ideal, a world where corporations get a free pass to use their cheapest workers wherever they work, undermining all decent jobs and work. This is their goal.. Don't people recognize the huge disinfo campaign driving this and its origin in the Uruguay Round and GATT negotiations of the early 1990s. It has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump who was actually a democrat at the time, and not involved in politics.

Under neoliberalism, everything revolves around money. Money is the thing that is central. Money cannot be disriminated againt. Peoples rights are a problem, all money must be equal.

Nobody can be both Democratic and neoliberal, (the cult that now rules the world) Neoliberalism is profoundly anti-majoritarian. Democracy is the belief that each dollar(or other monetary unit) should have a vote. Neoliberalism would rater votes were apportioned by money.

A book published recently offers a fascinating expose of the "Globalist" cult. Anybody who wants to know what our country now fights for and stands for.. And what Pied Piper candiate meant in the Wikileaks email which exposed the Clinton campaign to puff up media attention to old friend and Clinton golfing buddy, Donald Trump. read Quinn Slobodian's newish book "Globalists" which reveals globalists history and agenda.. (Hllary Clinton was an SDS speaker who travelled the US giving speeches on globalism. ) Thats where she and Bill Clinton met. Its a cult. The origins of the now ruling, elite-focused neoliberal cult, which by now we all should be familiar with.

Slobodian's book tells the tale of the so called "neoliberals" scheme, from its origins between the two world wars through the Geneva-school and Austrian neoliberals, GATT and the WTO, F.W Hayek and the racist Roepke, Goldwater and the SDS/Weather Underground, and various false flag operations by rightists who wanted to manipulate and frustrate the forces of positive change that were brewing in the 20th century. They have successfully rolled back many of the positive changes of the last century.

They are trying to go under the radar.
Also people must understand what the term "pie Piper" candidate as brought up in the Wikileaks cable that ties this all together means.. It refers most likely to this Science paper from a few years ago that I was informed by a former tobacco industry insider ad man was the means to explaining the sockpuppets who have taken over US politics now's methods.. Here is another example story..
Deep pocketed entities now can buy efforts intended to push the neoliberal agenda, and influence people who should know better by creating fake influencers. "throwing money at it" (the one thing they have an abundance of)

Of course Madison Ave. is more than happy, as it was in the past, to take their plentiful money.

See video below at 5:55 for expert legally admissible testimony by a real expert on what has happened to democracy. ALL government "measures" must always do what business wants.

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the Biden Presidency. The war mongering neoconservatives had been gradually returning to their origins in the Democratic Party since Obama welcomed them back to the fold during his term. But it was the Trump Presidency and his talk of ending America's wars in the ME that caused the rats to jump en masse.

The Rotten Alliance of Liberals and Neocons Will Likely Shape U.S. Foreign Policy for Years to Come
Trump’s rise led to unity in the interventionist ranks opposing his foreign policy
September 1, 2020

In early June, a group of former officials from the George W. Bush administration launched a PAC supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy. The group, 43 Alumni for Biden, boasts nearly 300 former Bush officials and seeks to mobilize disaffected Republicans nationwide.

The mobilization appears to be having an impact. More recently, “more than 100 former staff of [recently deceased Senator John] McCain’s congressional offices and campaigns also endorsed Biden for president,” according to NBC News and dozens of former staffers from Senator Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

That GOP support comes in addition to the more than 70 former U.S. national security officials, who teamed up and issued a statement urging Biden’s election in November. Citing what they believe is the grave damage Trump has done to United States national security, the group does include some mainstream Republicans like Richard Armitage and Chuck Hagel. But it also features notable neocon hardliners like Eliot Cohen, John Negroponte, and David Kramer, who, perhaps not incidentally, played a leading role in disseminating the utterly discredited Steele dossier before Trump’s inauguration.
Missing: Whither the Progressives?

Over the past few election cycles, progressive Democrats have increasingly challenged the party’s prevailing neoliberal bias on domestic economic policy. However, equally striking is that they have also failed to provide an alternative to the hegemonic influence of militarists and interventionists growing within their party regarding foreign policy.
But in the United States, constitutional brakes have been increasingly undermined by tacit agreement in both parties, and an imperial presidency has taken hold. It is the very hollowing out of many of those traditional checks and balances that has sustained and expanded America’s increasingly militaristic foreign policy, despite ample evidence that domestic opposition to such policies is growing. In their eagerness to defeat Trump, the Democrats seem to have overlooked that fact, as they enthusiastically embrace their newfound neocon allies (whose past policy failures should preclude their return to government, let alone allow for any form of influence).

Being one of World War II victors does not give the United States carte blanche to be the world’s global cop in perpetuity. The American foreign policy establishment needs to respect the boundaries set by national sovereignty, both at home and abroad. Endless interventionist efforts aimed at reshaping other nations as America sees fit give us a world of chaos and blowback, not peace and stability.

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hellary and DT were friends, and she'd suggested he should run. your comments should be a stand-alone diary, very educational, with extra long videos i'm not able to watch.

i'll add from the PJ media piece:

The indictment illustrates how Tech Executive 1 used government connections, his companies, contracts with a U.S. university, Perkins Coie, Sussman, and other political players to Get Trump.

As the Rachel Maddow-like media magpies touted the fake links between the Trump campaign and the Russian Alfa Bank, Hillary-world was using “non public” — some use the word “classified” — internet data to show phony links. The indictment even notes how the major players discussed ways to fake the links themselves to show to the media and the FBI.

MadCow explains why Putin's Russia hacked the 2016 election

thank you, zed2.

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Bi9llions of dollas in allegedly over high wages are at stake, and irreversibly opening the nations borders to hundreds of millions of "temporary movement of natural persons" (under tyhe GATS) Evenj if forced to pay a legal US wage, the massive boost to profits represents buillions of dollars in profits to the global corporations. Also we would never vote for thsese changes because they will pull the rug out from under the US's present "middle class".. One can see that this huge change is almost6 inevitable at this point, due to the signature of Bill Clinton and the WTO giveaway of the right to do business in foreign countries, if a firm can bid the lowest one on provision of services of any kind. India explained much of this in a publication they released not too long ago.

Also this video is very much worth viewing if one wants to understand how democracy has been stolen and why. Its to prevent the "majoritarian" peoples wishes from being implemented. Its against democracy. Otherwise "we the people" would just vote to fix things and they could do it and have it done. All of the neoliberal changes have all been to prevent this. And hide it.

They feel that Democrats are resisting the competition they want. Why shoudn't the skilled laborers who are willing to provide now expensive services for a fraction (say one tenth) as much be protected so they can and do do it. Why should the high wages and decent jobs decent pay for decent work be protected,k when it represents a protectionism that makes the cost of labor so much more expensive?

The powers that be invested in countries and businesses, so countries feel obligated due to the WTO rules to protect their foreign investors investments above all else.

This is putti9ng people in a bad position. Increasingly disposable workers are under pressure to agree to wage cuts and losses in crucial areas..

Cash strapped young people are moving into tents and camper vans..

People are not having children. (The low birth rates are being put forward as justifying all this. The investments of international investors now must be protected.)

Why cant they just bring their workers here from wherever they came from and pay them the same as the thinking goes. Workers will work almost for free if the act of working here leads to citizenship. They will even pay for jobs. The neoliberals have set up a supranational legal authority the WTO, which elevates the new global financial order. Even if its legitimacy is very questionable.

The Democrats and Republicans lied.

GATS prevents the creation of new social safety nets (even if that was allowed under the WTO) and trades away the jobs which were until 1995 likely to be managed by powerful labor unions, or public services unions, The top priority is not discriminati9ng against corporations, nomatter where they come from.

These laws against discrimination which protect workers, are poof now discrimination!

Affirmative action, is now discrimination if it keeps foreign workers and firms out. Labor rights are now rolled back to where they were before the Great Depression. Good bye six day weeks. Regulation must be curtailled and harmonized to no more than the world's lowest common denominator.

in areas that have been commercial, like health insurance. Public services, which otherwise would cushion the pain of the brutal downward competition on wages, must end. The concept of a public good lowers profits and forces corporations to lower prices, It distorts trade and enables the poor to aspire to the benefits of being rich, Unless it6 is free to everybody everywhere in a country, if they buy insurance anywhere, if they buy healthcare anywhere there cannot be any public healthcare, it is ended.

Under the neoliberal WTO rules it may even be illegal to demand foreign firms pay arbitrary "minimum" wages, because the jobs are the repayment of a debt that represents a deal we already got rich off of. If you didnt have the money tobget rich, you didnt, Life isnt fair .

Millions of retirees have been reaping the benefits of insanely high drug prices and huge windfalls from COVID vaccine costs.. The profits of death.

Of course this means the end of the perhaps unrealistic expectations (as Hillary Clinton put it) of the poor worker, Their wages may stay low or more likely go even lower if jobs become scarce or too competitive. Thats what's wanted. The fake labor shortage is now enabling a huge economic restructuring where we the people are totally out6 of th loop. We snooze, we lose. We were deceived.

Their failure to demand the truth and their failure to engage with the crisis and changes.. they failed to adequately educate themselves to take the jobs of the 21st century at wages that could compete effectively with the least developed nations firms. Many poor people who couldnt get vaccines died. The people who did this were led to believe they could get away with all this by recent global history.. Genocide went unchallenged again and again..They could so they did, they so they grabbed all the power. "Greed is good" said the US and Uk leadership.

Wealth in some kinds of environment is the line between life and death.. its likely another of a long series of cyclic famines due to the ENSO climate oscillation will likely kill many from starvation. Read "Late Victorian Holocausts" by Mike Davis.. Its really a must read..

What we're seeing is an assertion by the self-declared owners of the world's property.

We The Corporations.. The Golden Rule,

We the tenants need to pay them their entitlement. Water doesn't grow on trees. Every glass must be paid for.

Of course if climate is more unpredictable, we owe them more for everything. Food Water. Our WTO gives us the right to fully exploit our investment. Where is OUR money ? Pay up or move out humans..

Your water will be extracted by distillation. Your body is 80% precious water.

The neoliberal revolution against the vote and self-determination gives us the rights to everything. (just about) ,

Pay up, now, its been five whole minutes.

The Geneva School, an unelected, arbitrary system of global governance, cancels out the New Deal by intent.

The analogy is Ulysees having himself tied to the mast so he cannot do what people want.

See the video by Ellen Gould that I post links to so frequently.. which discusses the WTOs use of this analogy.

So I guess its all locked in forever unless people end their apathy.

So they worship an illusory "free market". Look at the Midle Eastern "kafala" labor sponsorship system, which has often been compared with slavery works. GATS Mode Four is supposed to become the default in the world of work in the near future. Its the payoff to the least developed countries millionaire class for participating in and legitimizing a cop to take over the world. A new colonialism. A new empire of money. Thats what is happening.

They are "Building An Economy That Works For The Very Rich" and nobody else ?

Even the very rich in the poorest and most exploited nations (the countries most exploited by them, who were made rich by the colonial powers) A system to keep themselves and their families rich in perpetuity..

The Doha Round which trades away the decent paying jobs, is advertised as "the payback for the global Trade agenda"..

What else did people expect? Its not that the powers that be agreed with things like a living wage, or public education, labor unions, and work life balance etc. They never did. The only reason the UK has the NHS is because after World War II so many people had been maimed and the UK's rich felt they were being forced into it. Now they are taking it back (via a Brexit trick) Because now with the WTO GATS they feel that they can get away with it. Instead of free healthcare they will have a system that behaves much like the system that existed in 1998 there, but without the subsidies. So that will mean commercial insurance for those who have jobs and can pay for it.

Everything will have to be means tested or eliminated. We will have top go back to healthcare as it was in specific date in 1998.

Thats what we agreed to to keep the investments coming in. To give the foreign investors certainty. Not stability, certainty. Certainty anything involving voters just couldn't give them.

I I propose a global day of atonement for the victims of arbitrary worship of money in ENSO driven famines throughout history. Many many millions have died needlessly including many in the richest countries in the world at the time. They had been treated especially brutally. The BBritish free market system had in essence decided the poor were not worthy of life.

Irish poor very lives depended on the potato which had been imported from the Americas and fed millions of Europe and Asia's poor. We are using the WTO to try to do it again by stealing genetic diversity and seeds.. Intellectual property is a creation of a global theft. An illegitimate global theft by the very rich. The COVID vaccine situation should be a wake up call. COVID should educate us all.

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that the effort by Sussman, the media, the FBI CIA DOJ, Deep State, their Think Tanks and techno-spooks in the promulgation of Russiagate was not about Trump. And I agree with Battle of Blair's comment that it was arguably more about Bernie.

But I believe both Bernie and Trump represented the possibility of another voice being heard, either from labor or peace, even from opposition to our foreign policy from within our military, as from Michael Flynn. I think in fact that preventing Flynn from becoming National Security Adviser was a primary concern because he was openly opposed to our support of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

So I agree with you mostly that this war of narrative is about controlling Congress and public opinion for control of labor. I think that's what globalization is about. And the hysterical desperation to increase defense spending is to control everything, including their black hole of unaccountable spending, but also the perpetual threat of annihilation of life on earth if they don't get their way.

The reason they hate Putin is that he's pro-labor compared to Yeltsin. He's forcing capitalists to pay wages and taxes. To our Deep State that's outrageous.

So I agree with you. It's not about Trump. It's about us.

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Don't you know that all the things people supported that Bernie was claimed to be bringing (if he won) had already been taken off the table by Bill Clinton's signature on the URAA on December 8, 1994. We've been conned, incredibly shamelessly. The DNC is a huge scam that pretending to be part of a political propcess of by and for the people.; Its all about a global enclosure of the commons.

People like Pramilla Jayapal are deliberately ignoring the real cuse of whats happened because the Democratic Party7 is equally, perhaps more complicit in a huge theft by political ACTORS in the US. Its a crime aganst humanity because its a failed phony experiment on human subjects, without informed consent which is a crime against humanity. Its killed at least a million innocent people. misrepresenting that things are very different than they are. She should tell the truth.

They have traded our right to vote on services away in exchange for the riches of "IP" totally a man made creation, a theft, a legal fiction. Laws to steal away the public domain. .. Thats why drug prices are so high, Americans traded away the jobs (which we allegedly dont want or dont have workers or children to do, we have not gotten the educations we need. So foreign temp firms have been given an entitlement to do them if they bid the lowest. If tax money is involved.

The so called "green New Deal" is also a lie and a scam. A cover up of the selling off of natural gas which is going to decimate our remaining urban affordable housing. Slum clearance, remember that? Its such a huge dishonesty its really unforgivable. Bernie and AOC perpetuated a huge con. When the gas is sold it will be impossible to preserve the buildings now rendered too expensive to heat. The Democratic Party is being SET UP to take what now is an underverd blame. How much is the affordble housing entitlement worth people? Maybe an average of a half million dollars per family.

We're being ruled by some very slick operators. A CULT of con artists. Deal with it.

Face it.

A con thats now looking like its enabled the theft of all our country's needs -the jobs especially.

Of course, nobody gave people an entitlement to anything like the jobhs of this country. But people werent told that they would have to compete with the well; heeled youth of the lowest wage countries of the world for them.

What did the WTO do? Its a trade agreement, one that trades jobs for markets. iT PRIVATIZES ALL OF WHAT WERE ONE PUBLIC SERVICES UNDER ALMOST ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED. iT gives foreign firms "equal" RIGHTs TO do all jobs that receive subsidies. Our anti disrimination policies are llegal, they are discrimination, now.
The little known GATS is why.. It applies to all "measures" of all kinds if they "effect trade in services". But trade agreements are for business.. They arent intended to solve any other problems besides (alleged) lack of profitability..
It "disciplines" all GOVERNMENT SPENDING, IF ITS INVOLVED. Environmental services are a subject of a future planned trade agreement. Global warming will create massive food uncertainty, and profits. And America is open for business, only.

Anything we do cant attempt to funnel more jobs to the poor. But it must conform to existing WTO agreement which bars the kinds of experiments that it seems to me most people think this so called "green new deal" proposes.

Pointedly, it sounds to me as if it was designed to be prohibited. Because its protectionist if it tries to preferentiually help unemployed American workers with a better kind of job, since it intends to spend tax money. The WTO rules are clearly prohibitive We set up that precedent ourselves. What about commercial colleges..

Our politicians are notk, they could not possibly be this stupid. Thedy cant be unaware that they are no longr "the" government. Everything changed Jan 1, 1995.

Almost all of the fixes that make sense are prohibited...Here is why..

What gave them the rights to set up this huge scam?

This huge disinfo campaign top distract the nation and hide it ALL under endless lies. . A global theft is going on. The biggest con ever, eventually it will be.

Everything of worth is being stolen from the world and its people. This begun September 15-20 1996. The nation's jobs are bargaining chips in the global trade agenda. The young peoples future jobs are not bargaining chips. Their lies all; illustrate the nature of the theft. read some history. I cant tell you how many time this has been done. Its always the same. All the signs, all the red flags are there. Here is an article about the 2017 WTO decision..

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What is relevant was/is concealing the setting up of a "double government" (Hannah Arendts very definition of totalitarianism, literally, because she considers it a sort of diagnostic sign of totalitarianism.

based on the ideas of Friedrich A Hayek, an economist who few Americans have heard of to replace democracy with a set of international "global economic governance institutions which lack legitimacy and dont recognize any of the core things this country is supposed to stand for and care about instead they elevate their opposites in many cases... Its all rendered a nullity. How do you feel about that? Don't like it, well tough luck, you dont matter money matters. Imagine a society where money was everything. No promise was binding.Huge amounts of energy has been devoted to deceiving you and I and taking away our arguably absent "rights because they are likely to conflict with a theft of them.

That's why so much energy has been devoted to deceiving all of us. Our politicians who aren't screaming holy murder are all complicit in this theft.

For at least three decades its all been a huge lie. I(n order to take everything people view as important. No wonder nothing makes any sense. Its all a huge lie.

As was HRC and the DNC's "elevation" of Trump.. what a mess..
Here is the text of the Salon piece.. its URL is:

So dont let them waste your time with anything at all, as Trump is largely the Clinton's and the DNC's making. Ad judging by their track record, is likely to be a further lie.. Don't let them spew their fake bullshit at you any longer.

Any political actors who "elevate" idiots like Trump in any way are part of the problem, there is no alternative explanation.
"Republican Donald Trump, a far-right demagogue who campaigned on a slew of bigoted, xenophobic policies, has won the 2016 presidential election in a shocking victory few people predicted.

What was not often acknowledged in Trump's heated race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, however, was how her campaign fueled his rise to power.

An email recently released by the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks shows how the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party bear direct responsibility for propelling the bigoted billionaire to the White House.

In its self-described "pied piper" strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new "mainstream of the Republican Party" in order to try to increase Clinton's chances of winning.

The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee called for using far-right candidates "as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right." Clinton's camp insisted that Trump and other extremists should be "elevated" to "leaders of the pack" and media outlets should be told to "take them seriously."

The strategy backfired — royally.

On April 23, 2015, two weeks after Hillary Clinton officially declared her presidential campaign, her staff sent out a group message with information for a "strategy call." The email included as an attachment a "memo for the DNC discussion."


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There is no denying that the global economic restructuring thats being forced on countries by the US and EU and WTO is intended to vastly destroy wages and break the middle class's economic foundation. Under neoliberalism most actors do not exist, They hate what they call "majoritarianism" So I can see how they would hate a leader who wouldn't kowtow to their goals.

No, they aren't the good people they would have us think. Look at how they grabbed all the power they have. The everyday peope no longer v"matter" and we're being escorted out of the big picture, because we stand in the way of a big power grab by them.

They are gangsters in every sense of the word.

The "fall of the former Soviet Union" was a triumph of gangsters in the former CIS states

Privatization was implemented as an incredible theft of all of the public resources in the former USSR. Probably millions of old people were literally killed for their apartments in the desirable cities like St Petersberg and Moscow. . They made a mistake, signing viatical agreements trading a small support payment and the right to stay in their former apartments "for the rest of their lives", in exchange for the apartments, which are worth a LOT of money. This is something called a viatical settlement. The problem is that they would sign these deals, and then not long afterward they would be bumped off, as the slang goes. they would be killed or die in some accident one way or another. it was often said or implied that the so called "New Russians" killed them. In large numbers. And got away with it. Kind of like terminally ill American old people when their hospice payments end.

The gangsters (who were known by the sarcastic derogatory term "New Russians") were legendary and I got the strong impression from (esp-especially the European) rich people that I met at the time.. that the wealthy in the rest of the world envied them tremendously for stealing everything and getting away with it all.. .

Much of what we think we know about the "Origins of the Third World" is wrong. We whitewash many many unpleasant facts.. If you are interested in the important issue of climate and food.. Mike Davis's book "late Victorian Holocaust" used a strong term but it wasnt exaggeration.. We prtend we represented ourselves as bringing positive things to the occupied countries. That was not true. The countries did far better for their own people than the colonial occupiers like the British did.. Also the huge droughts were caused by the ENSO climate oscillation.. better known as El Nino.

Millions died. The so called free market system is very bad in this set of climate conditions. Its happened again and again. Its a crime against humanity top perpetuate this system history has taught us this. The UK is very very guilty of making these famines worse than they might have been. Killing literally tens of millions of poor people. They still hide it. Read Mike Davis's book.; its very important to understand these, the great atrocities of political extremism. .

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totally engaged on this thread, regardless of my declining cognitive abilities, and geezerette health issues.

my REM sleep has been nightmares of the most horrific sort (may i learn from them), and prepping for my next diary have me almost in total despair as to what the Global Elites (MoTU) are up to regarding 'feeding the world'.

bless us all in planning and preparing for the future. good night.

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I recently started a ketogenic diet - Ive lost >20 lbs in around 6 weeks, and its done wonders for my sleep. Basically its a no carb high protein diet, so you cant eat breads or grains. You can eat meat vegetables,cheese, dairy, fat etc.

Try it, you may do well on it.. I also take l-tryptophan before bed& pop melatonin if I wake up before I want to wake up. Helps me go back to sleep.

This is n interesting publication.. Our country i8s being taken away and is now owned by transnational corporations. Its obviously illegitimate so they try to claim legitimacy through "multilateralizing" it. Since they KNOW nobody would ever vote for it.

Title: "Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and Problems of Democratic Legitimacy."

Multilateral cooperation has been remarkably extensive, indeed unprecedented, in the latter half of the 20th century. After World War II, a compromise was struck in rich countries that John Ruggie has termed embedded liberalism. Increasing economic openness was made politically feasible in a democratic era through the development of the welfare state, and through a set of international regimes for finance and trade that accommodated the welfare state. Until the end of the 1970s, what Fred Hirsch called “the missing legitimacy for a predominantly capitalist system in conditions of universal political participation” was provided by Keynesian policies that were tolerant of inflation. International regimes in this period “served the second-best objective of the liberal community, of maintaining an open international economy at whatever inflation rate [had] to be accepted to attain this.” Inflation eventually rose to the point where it was a source not of legitimacy but of political disaffection, and since the 1980s governments of the advanced capitalist economies have emphasized price stability. Legitimacy at the domestic level has apparently been maintained in these countries, judging from the lack of large-scale protests and the maintenance in power of governments – whether nominally of the Left or the Right -- dedicated to preservation of a market system. Such legitimacy may have different sources in different countries: economic growth, as the United States, the preservation of a social safety net even in the presence of great unemployment, as in continental Europe, or simply the maintenance of still-prosperous and orderly, if stagnant, political economy, as in Japan. At any event, the collapse of socialism in the Soviet Union, and the serious constraints on the expansion of the welfare state resulting from global competition, have largely removed the major potential contenders from the field. [
] Until recently, the international regimes for trade and money that made this system work were largely invisible to publics. We will characterize them as following a “club model” of institutions. While the club model is an ideal type, and gradual change has occurred since the Uruguay Round, the simplification is useful. As these institutions have become more important, and their membership more diverse, they have become more controversial, as the Seattle demonstrations against the World Trade Organization (WTO) of November 1999, and the Washington protests of April 2000 against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, indicate. The classic political issue of legitimacy, within the context of democratic norms, has been insistently raised. The club model has come under challenge. [

] In this paper, we consider descriptive and normative aspects of legitimacy, as it relates to international institutions, particularly to the WTO. First we will describe the club model and how, in a stylized sense, it has operated for the past half-century on issues such as international trade. After briefly introducing a distinction between adversary and unitary democracy, we will then consider the ways in which international organizations such as the WTO experience a “democratic deficit.” We consider issues of transparency and participation, but we emphasize the insufficient politicization of these organizations – their lack of effective politicians linking organizations to constituencies. We then turn to a more detailed normative analysis of democratic legitimacy. The legitimacy of institutions is affected both on the “input” side – in particular, through procedures for accountability – and on the “output” side, in terms of effectiveness. In the last few pages of the paper we offer some incomplete suggestions about steps that the WTO, and similar international organizations, might take to enhance their legitimacy, in a world infused by democratic norms. Other chapters in this volume discuss the WTO in greater detail

Nye, Jr., Joseph S., and Robert O. Keohane. "Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and Problems of Democratic Legitimacy." KSG Faculty Research Working Papers Series RWP01-004, February 2001.

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