Russia Stole Crimea

Never mind that post-Euromaidan, in March of 2014, 97% of Crimean citizens voted to join the Russian Federation, turnout 83 and 89% turnout in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the local government of Sevastapol respectively. 

‘By indulging Ukraine's claims to Crimea, West is encouraging country's ‘neo-Nazi’ government policy, thunders Russian FM Lavrov’, 12 Aug, 2021,

Speaking to a group of young people involved with an art collective based on the disputed peninsula on Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the West's support was pushing Zelensky to be more and more extreme in pursuit of his policy goals. The 'Crimean Platform' forum, he said, “will continue to nurture the neo-Nazi and racist mentality of the current Ukrainian government.” [...]

In April, Lavrov's official spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, argued that Ukraine was recklessly indulging far-right sentiments to prop up its government and strengthen anti-Russian feeling. Speaking after demonstrators at a march in Kiev raised banners and carried flowers to commemorate the SS Galicia division, raised from Ukrainian levies to fight alongside Nazi Germany, Zakharova said government policy was an “insult” to those who had died in World War II.”

‘Ukraine CAN retake Crimea if West supports claims, Kiev insists, as Zelensky blasts ‘reluctant’ foreign leaders ‘afraid’ of Russia’, 23 Aug, 2021,

“Speaking on Monday at the opening of the ‘Crimean Platform’ conference, designed to bring dignitaries together to discuss the future of the region, Zelensky announced that “the countdown to the liberation of the peninsula” has already begun. According to him, August 23, 2021 will likely go down in history as the start of the de-occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

The president acknowledged that “our independent country, Ukraine, will never be able to return Crimea alone,” adding that pressure from abroad was required to “force Russia to sit down at the negotiating table.”  [...]

“However, at the same time, Zelensky has expressed frustration at the decision of some of the most significant Western leaders not to attend the ‘Crimean Platform.’ While the Baltic nations, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova, announced they would be represented at presidential level, most other European states elected to send a foreign minister instead.

In the case of both Germany and the US, delegates were taken from even lower down the diplomatic pecking order. Berlin and Washington will both be represented by their energy ministers.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has previously criticized the conference, saying that by supporting Kiev’s focus on regaining Crimea, the West “will continue to nurture the neo-Nazi and racist mentality of the current Ukrainian government.”

‘Crimea Platform summit participants recommit to work towards ending Russia’s occupation’, Aug. 23, 2021,

“Thus, Zelensky said, Russia has to comply with international law — immediately allow in Crimea the watchdogs of human rights protection, the representatives of the United Nations and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.” [...]

Zelensky called on Russia to join the platform to find ways to end its occupation of Crimea and “fix the mistake that Russia made.”

“We begin the countdown to freeing Crimea,” he added.”

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If the people in the Crimea voted to be independent,

I think a people's will is what makes a country's government legitimate.

For that reason, numerous "deals" between the powerful lack legitimacy.

In the beginning of WWII Hitler and Stalin signed a deal dividing up Eastern Europe and pledging not to attack one another. We all know how badly that worked out. (or should) It didnt take Hitler long to break it, he invaded the former USSR - Several years later the Big Three met at Yalta and infamously divided up the postwar world into spheres of influence on a cocktail napkin.

International law unfortunately has allowed these deals to be made but has not made them public, this means nobody is safe, everything is a bargaining chip.

As long as these kinds of monster madmen are allowed to take power.

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but, but: Revanchist Russia! Nato claims that bith Georgia and Ukraine are 'under NATO's umbrella, and will be members soonish, if they can reform themselves!

a lengthy but fun source from june 2021, 2 outtakes:

The election of President Joe Biden and the prospect of a NATO summit in the summer (now scheduled for June 14 in Brussels) seem to have triggered new hopes about NATO enlargement in both Ukraine and Georgia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a interview earlier in the year that if he had a chance to ask Biden a question, it would be, “Mr. President, why are we [Ukraine] still not in NATO?” In the midst of the Russian military buildup, Zelensky urged that Ukraine be invited to participate in the Membership Action Plan, which is NATO’s fast-track roadmap for enlargement, as a “real signal to Russia” and “the only way to end the war in Donbas.” The Ukrainian government reiterated its case that a roadmap for quick membership is a necessary step to confront aggression and autocracy in Europe. Insofar as Georgia is concerned, it remains a longstanding and highly ambitious NATO contributor, in the words of President Salome Zurabishvili earlier in the year, and “has shown its dedication to reaching the ultimate objective of integration.” Antony Blinken, then in the process of confirmation as secretary of state, said that NATO’s door remains open to Georgia if it meets the requirements.

In responding to Russia’s intimidation, Western countries voiced strong support for Ukraine, while the NATO secretary general declared that only NATO would decide on enlargement. However, the unfortunate truth is that NATO will not offer membership to Ukraine and Georgia any time soon. The reluctance of the alliance to do so is based on sound geopolitical reasoning and a sober evaluation of the two countries’ limited progress on much-needed reforms. NATO should not officially close its “open door” to new members, but Ukraine and Georgia remaining outside the alliance is ultimately the best policy for NATO given the circumstances."

thanks for the cliff notes from the video, as videos have proven disastrous to my well-being. sorry to have been so long, but with visitors, phone calls and RL chores, it happens more often than i'd like.

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The response to that 2014 Crimea poll is always "It was done at the point of Russians rifles." or something like that.
To which I respond, so what about the 1991 Crimean referendum?

A referendum on sovereignty was held in the Crimean Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR on 20 January 1991[1] two months before the 1991 All-Union referendum. Voters were asked whether they wanted to re-establish the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which had been abolished in 1945. The proposal was approve