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very late getting to this, People's Party e-mail I missed linked to this announcement of events today in support of the workers trying to organize Amazon - some still haven't happened yet, especially on west coast:

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Great to have this post on such an incredibly important exercise in solidarity. Amazon workers really need to stand up and we need to stand with them. I would have done this today if the event weren't so far away (6hr drive). Over the next few weeks I hope to link up with People's Party so that I might help to stage events such as this closer to home. Have also been uplifted by linking into People's Party national calls. Highly recommend.

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The Liberal Moonbat's picture it REALLY better, ultimately, for workers at Amazon/Wal-Mart/etc that were founded on the "anti-Fordist" scheme (i.e. instead of Ford's virtuous cycle of 'make expensive goods, pay workers well so they can afford to buy them', Walton's vicious cycle of 'pay workers so poorly they have no choice but to depend on your bottom-rung prices') to try doing something that would make those companies more viable, or should they be allowed to burn in their own iniquity as quickly as possible? "Accelerationism", I guess they call that.

I do have a personal story of micro-revolution about that from when my mother dragged me to Sam's Club a few years back: The friendly cashier didn't understand why some of her friends/relatives hated Wal-Mart so much, and I was actually able to explain to her how (long story short) it was designed to be the perfect opposite and bane of the model that had previously made America the envy and role model of the world.

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In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

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The question, in my mind, is where donations are going to make this thing go forward?
If the workers want to unite, it should not require outside 'donations' to make it happen.
It is an inside struggle. I have been trying to organize workers for years. It is not about
paying some political movement to get results. That's just advertisement dollars.
Wish the peoples party would focus more on their own establishment as a force.
Come up with basic platforms which many support and get the bucks rolling for that.
Splitting the donations for the many needs of society will water down the initial organization
efforts. Stick to the basics. We need health care, infrastructure repairs, education and monetary balance. Starve the military beast, and there is financing available.
Starve the military beast

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would save the people of the entire world. Hands down.

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After six years, still getting robo-calls from Marriot Hotels.
They're like herpes.

Not that they believe in it but because it fits well on their resume. After the vote is over they will return to being themselves. There are too many to list here but you get what I mean.

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