meet Irish MEP firebrand mick wallace

Mick Wallace MEP Condemns EU Complicity in War Crimes (2:16)

I’d first been introduced to him at the Tehran Times while searching for updates just ahead of the first anniversary of the Jan. 3, 2020 US assassination of Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani.

‘We love human rights when we can Kick China, Iran’s, says MEP’, December 22, 2020, (w/ video 1:28)

Some recent background: had reported on Dec. 30, 2020: ‘‘B-52s fly over Persian Gulf as Washington escalates war threat against Iran’, Bill Van Auken

“For the third time in little more than a month, the Pentagon has sent a pair of B-52 Stratofortress long-range heavy bombers to the Persian Gulf in a threat of war against Iran. This threat is being steadily escalated on the orders of US President Donald Trump as he continues to demand the overturning of the results of November’s US presidential election.

The warplanes, which are capable of launching both nuclear and conventional weapons, flew low over the Gulf after a midair refueling over the Eastern Mediterranean in a 30-hour round-trip flight from their base in North Dakota. They were escorted by a squadron of F-16 fighter planes. […]

The B-52 flights are only part of a continuous and ominous US military buildup in the region. Last week, the Navy sent the nuclear-powered submarine USS Georgia, armed with cruise missiles, along with accompanying warships, into the Persian Gulf, joining the USS Nimitz carrier strike group already deployed there.

Meanwhile Israel has continued its airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, bombing the Nabi Habil area near Damascus on Wednesday.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a “senior US military officer” told the Associated Press that the Pentagon had “picked up signs” that Iran may be “planning for possible rocket attacks against US interests in Iraq” in conjunction with the first anniversary of the criminal US drone missile assassination of senior Iranian leader Qassem Suleimani on January 3, 2020, after he arrived at Baghdad international airport for an official state visit.

The “senior officer” said that Iran “may be considering” broader attacks against US targets in the Middle East, where some 50,000 American troops are deployed, or “might have its eye on economic targets,” invoking the September 2019 attack on Saudi oil-processing facilities, for which Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility. […]

“Now we hear chatter about additional attacks against Americans in Iraq,” the US president tweeted. “Some friendly health advice to Iran: If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible. Think it over.”

After having murdered Suleimani, and no doubt aided and abetted last month’s Israeli assassination of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, while subjecting the Iranian population to a “maximum pressure” campaign of draconian sanctions that has cost many thousands of lives and encircling the country with US military bases, bombers and warships, Washington relentlessly casts Iran as the aggressor.”

Then came further bellicose threats to Iran, answers from Rouhani and FM Javas Zarif and warnings of false flags naming Tehran for further aggression, as with this via ‘‘Beware of trap’: Iranian FM warns Trump ‘Israeli agents’ are preparing ‘attacks’ on US forces in Iraq to spark war against Tehran’.  The Israeli Secretary of Energy (?) denied it, naturally, claiming that ‘it was Israel that needed to be on guard for possible Iranian strikes” .

Sure, Iran would strike Israel, and be attacked by every Sunni/Salafist nation in the Middle East, most being friends of the Empire.

On Jan. 1 the acting Sec. Def recalled the Nimitz, allegedly fearing it would be bombed by Tehran.  And yes, amid all the bellicosity, one Iranian general had mentioned being able to turn their aircraft carriers ‘into submarines’.

Stay tuned for how the next few days go…

Meanwhile, back to the brilliant Mick Wallace!

Wallace reprimanded over European Parliament remarks about Juan Guaido’:

‘In a remark to the chamber in Strasbourg, Mr Wallace said: “Do you not agree that the recognition of Guaido is an absolute embarrassment to anyone who has to occupy this chamber and it is a disgrace on the part of member states of Europe that so many of them have recognised an unelected gobshite.”, (with video, 32 seconds) RTE news, Feb. 13, 2020

I’d checked his Twitter account, reckoniing that he’d be only too aware that tomorrow, Jan. 4 Judge Baraitser will hand down her decision on Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, which snoopydawg at caucus99percent has covered well here).  Nothing I’d found, but in a quick Bingle had found this from on Feb. 25, 2020:  ‘Press freedom will be ‘thing of the past’ if British help Americans get their way with Assange – Irish MEP’

“Speaking outside Woolwich Crown Court on the third day of the preliminary hearings, Wallace said James Lewis QC, acting for the US government, was putting international law and freedom of the press “under serious threat.”

If the Americans get their way with the complicity of the British, freedom of the press will be a thing of the past.

Lewis argued on Wednesday that British courts can’t apply rights from international treaties which have not been established in English domestic law. He was making the case that a US-UK extradition treaty which prohibits extradition for political offenses is superseded by the UK’s Extradition Act of 2003, which does not contain the same provision.”

He’d Tweeted:

Anyone that was in Woolwich Crown Court today would have concerns for Julian #Assange and his chances of a fair trial. Also very worrying that the Prosecution are arguing that International law can be ignored when it suits – much like the #US are behaving all over the planet…

— Mick Wallace (@wallacemick) February 26, 2020

And on January 1:

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Somebody telling the Truth??

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Ya got to be a Spirit, cain't be no Ghost. . .

Explain Bldg #7. . .

If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied in 1930’s Germany,
Now you know. . .
Sign at protest march

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@Tall Bald and Ugly

da bomb? so aware globally of compradores for the amerikan war machine, too.

that may have followed this news by th amerikan thug in chief:

(because: Russia)

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Boss tweet's too busy to smack around iran this week:

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@wendy davis

let the good times roll
the DC cops won't know
what to do with this
kettle armed militia ?
not seeing a peaceful

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a shocking and surprise ruling:

January 4, 2021
Judge blocks the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, ruling the abusive U.S. prison system could not protect him from suicide, assange defense, the lengthy overview

they live-tweeted her ruling on her key points, abysmal as they are. julian's attorneys will present an application for bail on wed.

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Seems the MSM have their panties twisted in faux-outrage over Trump supposedly threatening GA Secretary of State over GA election results.

Suffice it to say that it bears little, if any, relation to what actually occurred - for those who would prefer to judge for yourself, the full transcript of the call is available here

Despite the partisan framing from the Washington Post – that the call somehow reflected Trump making demands for votes from his Republican colleagues – the President actually does no such thing. Throughout the call, the President makes clear that his calls are for election transparency, full and transparent audits, and public access. At no point does the President imply he wants votes invented or confected, as the establishment media is portraying. He even offers to recuse himself from parts of the conversation and ends by asking for “the truth… it’s just that simple.”

"It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites."

~ Thomas Sowell

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@Blue Republic

if i have time. i've seen titles about that call.

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@Blue Republic

If any part of it was left off that shows it in another light there should be hell to pay. Trump had called 18 times before Raffen. picked up? Why? And another thing that on the cusp can answer, but if this was a call with attorney present then how wasn't this a huge crime? It is leaking privileged information I would think.

Look I want Trump gone just as much as everyone, but imagine if it was Obama on the receiving end back when we believed in him. How would we have accepted a Trump win with this much confusion happening?

I don't know what to think except that we could be being played. By all involved.

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I feel like I’m riding in the backseat of a '66 Thunderbird with Thelma at the wheel and Louise riding shotgun whilst heading towards a cliff.

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Biden and Harris could legitimately rack up those kinds of vote totals in exactly the places they needed in swing states, and only those places, all while having historically negative coattail effects on down-ballot races.

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