Krystal nails it

It's amazing how some of the best Truth Bombs come from someone named Krystal Ball on a show with a happy tune designed to appeal to suburban, stay-at-home moms.

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Krystal was right on the dime here. You can see it in the coast to coast kvetching about Donnie Shrimpfingers' turn on The Debate Show this week.

The Blue Spin is that Trump fucked up the debate and there was nothing that Joe Biden could do with that Orange Thing yelling over him. There are now suggestions floating around the Politico/Huffpost orbit about how to "fix" the "problem" of Donald Trump in future debates by giving somebody the power to put a sock in his mouth.

Talk about fantasies of power.

Trump's derangement is a major theme as well. Yet it appears to be a calculated derangement as his utterances are combed for "signals" to Trump's legions of hooligan-ideologues who will be helping him stuff the ballot box on election day.

What a Great Campaign Slogan -- "Poor Joe. Up Against a Deranged Orangutan."

If you bought Super Tuesday, you will probably buy this line of crap as well. But running for President as Victim strikes me as both hilarious and pathetic. Poor Joe, he just could not cope with a non-human opponent. What do you want in a President anyway? A guy who keeps his cool under pressure? I suppose you want unicorns and rainbows, too.

Joe is as good as you can hope for in this Banana Republic.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

You don't have to be part of the McResistance to take issue with these comments by the Donald.

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...of Trump. He parses Trump's crazy-talk ravings down to useful trigger-words — then acts all shocked and scared and concerned. He's a sheepdog of the gullible.. Q-anon from the Left.

I will only vote for the anti-war, anti-empire candidates. War profiteering for oil to fuel industry is how we got stuck in this social, political, and global disaster.

This is the only reality and the primary problem we have. Everything else is downstream noise. Remember 'Peace'? Ask the candidates if they support the wars — not the troops but the wars, and the invasions. Vote the war weasels out, even at the local level. Let them know.

If there is no pro-peace/anti-war candidate, vote against the incumbents. All of them. In every election. Stop supporting local politicians who support wars. Pushing right-wing war mongers at the local level is how Republicans turned the US Red and ignorant.

Let everyone know you are methodically firing the entire war-mongering government. Local, state, and national. These political fools are the reason the nation is too poor to provide health care to its citizens, or food and shelter for the jobless, destitute, or vulnerable. War profiteering is why this nation cannot afford to fully educate all its citizens, or provide a modern infrastructure with coast-to-coast public transportation. The war supporting politicians at the Federal level are the same deregulating psychopaths who refuse to stand for regulations that protect citizens from the insurance schemers, the financiers, and the health care industry, who prey on them every day they are alive. They are aligned with the corporate predators who try to sell People the human rights, natural resources, public utilities, and national services that inherently and legally belong to them.

Politicians, regardless of Party, must have only one chance, one term in office, to stand for Peace. Otherwise they are voted out, even if their opponent is also a war monger. All Incumbent sociopaths must go. Keep it simple and ignore the campaigns, which are nothing more than political propaganda and conformist behavior-modification.

If you are still voting in this fake democracy — then make your vote a power-vote for the long haul. Make it a crusade.

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@Pluto's Republic

I am with you all the way.

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@Pluto's Republic
for a home grown "term limits" policy from the people themselves.
Just don't vote for anyone with incumbent behind their name.
Make every new Congress a Freshman Congress.
The 1%ers will go broke buying off a new Congress every 2 years. Or,at the least spike their blood pressure putting out all that money.
Another grassroots policy is to only vote for the candidate with the smallest campaign chest. Weaponize the money. Use the money as a cudgle.
There is nothing they can do to counter this, as long as everyone does it.

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After six years, still getting robo-calls from Marriot Hotels.
They're like herpes.

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difficult to function in a society full of willfully ignorant morons, that's why I'm voting for the giant, planet killing asteroid NASA hasn't picked up yet. The "bright spot" is that if Trump wins, I'll probably die quickly from some dumb ass moron with a gun, vs dying a slow, agonizing death from lack of healthcare under Biden. So grab some popcorn, or cornpop for that matter, and watch this shit show unfold, and the American dream die an ugly death.

But hey, let's all pound some sand...

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"Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance;" - Thomas Paine, Common Sense

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Near Earth Asteroids (Scroll down about a quarter of the way)

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We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.
- Greta Thunberg

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...every time intelligent life fucks up so badly that they start to kill the planet.

It atomizes the malignant DNA. And I suppose, it's also an act of mercy.

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I disagreed with him when he said he was going to bomb Syria after an alleged chlorine gas attack. I disagreed with him when he said he was going to bomb Iran for blowing up an American drone. When the planes were within an hour of their targets, Trump (supposedly) called the planes back when he heard that they might actually kill somebody. (Yeah, right.) I disagreed with him when he ordered the murder of an Iranian General in Iraq. Whereupon, I disagreed with him when when he said he was going to bomb Iran's cultural heritage out of existence if Iran retaliated. They retaliated, and Trump did nothing.

All of the above went down the memory hole. I bring it up now to show that Trump is always saying fascist sounding shit and he should have been impeached and removed for doing it a long time ago. Forgive me for not being impressed with this latest version of Oh My God, he is going to destroy democracy.

Trump has had dozens of opportunities to act on his purported ambition to be Hitler. Most significantly, the pandemic offered him the perfectly legal way to do so -- just use the statutes signed into law since the Shrub years and use the threat of mass death from the virus to suspend all civil liberty and to make himself Boss. Instead he is attacked regularly for not providing "leadership" in the fight against the virus which he turned back to the States. Not very Hitler-y, that move.

TDSers always want it both ways and they try to have it both ways.

To substance: other than get your panties into a bunch about him, the only way to deal with him legally is to impeach and convict him. How did that go?

So, as I posted weeks ago when Adam Schiff sent me a request for a donation because Trump had "threatened" via tweet to cancel the election, this shit makes zero sense. Logic was never a prominent player in American politics but it has been banished for The Duration.

Let us not forget the Fed Goons he sent to Portland. I can imagine that there are probably still plenty of Federally funded agent provocateurs in the field, and I saw a reference to Fed aircraft flying over Portland even now. Maybe Trump still has a secret plan to use air power to crush the Democrat City, but, again, if he were Hitler, he wouldn't be playing this kind of cat and mouse game. He would just have his goons kill enough Portlandians to get those still alive to click their heels and say, "Heil Trump."

Instead, he took yet another media asswhipping when the Governor of Oregon made a "deal" with the Trump government to get those goons out of the state.


I don't worry about Trump because the Democrats obviously do not worry about him -- they just use him to raise money and to excuse their own inability to accomplish anything. If they really had a problem with his incipient fascism they would have made that a public issue. Instead they try to palm it off on "Russia."

I take issue with virtually everything Trump says -- and I do not believe anything he says, especially his "threats." Isn't it funny that the ONLY thing TDSers believe is his threats?

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

I don't know the details here, but the guy has class.

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@gjohnsit @gjohnsit

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