What a croc: Bernie can't beat Trump

The Evidence Doesn't back Democrats (and other reptiles) Panic that Bernie Can't Win.

Bernie can't beat Trump? Really? Keep saying it, that don't make it true. Jim VendeHei of Axios weighs in.

“Lots of Democrats are in full panic that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination and get clobbered in the general election — and bring the party down, too. But the evidence, particularly the polling, doesn't back those doomsday warnings.”

But that's not just his opinion.

Just the facts, please: A Quinnipiac Poll last week showed Sanders beating Trump in Michigan and Pennsylvania. A CBS News/YouGov poll showed Sanders beating Trump nationally.

A recent poll in Texas showed Sanders doing better than any Dem against Trump.

Roanoke poll shows Bernie leading Trump by 9 points in the swing state of Virginia. Better than any other Dem candidate.

And oh look who leads every other candidate in head to head vs Trump in the three key battleground states in this poll (scroll WAYYYYYY down and even then they tried to bury Sanders on the list).

If Bernie goes head to head vs Trump - and he's going to - you know what we'll be saying to Trump in January? See ya later alligator.

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Is that polls have shown that the majority of population wants things that are Bernie's signature issues. I won't try to quote or name them. They are polls conducted and reported on over a period of years.

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Don't count your alligators before they're hatched, or something like that. I can claim as much astuteness as Nate Silver, who famously predicted H. Rodent Clinton had a 99% chance of winning the 2016 election. There is talk amongst the Conservatives (remember them?) that there is a sizable "whisper electorate" that secretly likes or at least may vote Trump in 2020. True or not, unknown until election day. By the way, Trump is not my fave, although were he to swim in my swamp, he might encounter some difficulties.

One wager I am happy to make is DNC 1,999,999 versus Bernie 1. Put up a buck (sent to Alligator University president, my sister Alice, for safekeeping) and you may win vast sums of swamp money from yours truly.

Should Bernie win, then I will sing along with you

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@Alligator Ed stealing the election.


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