This is simply a feel good essay that lets me go to sleep....

with a smile on my face.

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I will sleep good tonight.

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It was huge. I wasn't in the crowd, had to do family care today (parents are old, one with dementia, and sister is severely autistic), so I didn't get to go. So I came home and got online and watched it live with my husband! It rocked!

It was interesting, as I was leaving my parents' home, I passed by a very small demonstration for Trump in a very small town in western WA state. Just before the Bernie Rally in Tacoma. Two of the demonstrators had camo on, with about 3 or 4 guns strapped across their bodies. I thought they were cops at first, and couldn't figure out why they'd sent those kinds of cops to the peaceful outer corner of a two block town. Then I saw their Trump signs. Ohh, they had rifles slung over their shoulders as well. They did wave and coo over my dog, who was hanging out the car window, so I guess that's a plus.

Being able to enjoy the Bernie rally after made me feel much, much better about seeing those Trumpsters. Can't let pessimism get me down, we are gonna win this, Bernie is gonna be president, and those guys can take their guns and ... well, put 'em away someplace safe!

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lead nationally, at 31%.

The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey shows the Vermont socialist senator well at the head of the field, with 31% – up nine points since the last poll by this company in early December.

Bloomberg comes in second with 19% (up 15). Biden is on 15% (down nine), Warren on 12% (down five), Klobuchar on 9% (up five) and Buttigieg on 8% (down five). The Guardian

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The new NPR-PBS-Marist national poll:

Bernie 31% (+9 increase since previous poll), Bloomberg 19% (+15), Biden 15% (-9), Warren 12% (-5), Klobuchar 9% (+5), Buttigieg 8% (-5)

Edit/add: Looks like Smiley the early bird catches the worm . . .

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I've been discussing with my therapist about how when you've been used to something your whole life it's hard to imagine anything different. Things have been so crappy for so long that it's getting harder to believe that things might get better. I'm trying my best not to fall into that trap myself though. I look forward to caucusing for Bernie next Tuesday though. I don't mean to be a party pooper!

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This shit is bananas.