c99% Portland OR meetup 2/10/19

We had five people show -- Cassiodorus, granma, detroitmechworks, earthling1, StudentOfEarth. We ate good Chinese food and had lots of fun. I ordered the gai lan and the salt and pepper tofu. We talked about science fiction and my book. StudentOfEarth talked about Bend and about people who were 72 who took a piece of dry land and built homes and farms from scratch. earthling1 talked about his southern California past. To those who were snowed out: we missed you -- should we have another one when the polar vortex quits?

Great thanks to granma for helping write this short memo.

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Surprising range of topics. Familiar words now with a face made it special.
Best topic...... we gotta do this again.

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Making it real! :>)

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from earlier in the day was stunning. Good to see everyone.

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Glad to hear you all made it happen Smile

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I was instantly reminded of the first time I visited Portland. (Reed College) I had Chinese food in a restaurant with a funny name. Wish I could unlock more of that memory. In my life, good things amazing things always started in Portland.

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I've had blog friends longer than some meat friends.

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This spring or summer hopefully there will another NW meetup.

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The snow storm pounding the nw. Portland not get hit as hard?

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@Battle of Blair Mountain got. Many roads were clear by midday Sunday and I think all the heavily travelled streets were fine by then. Higher elevations got more snow and I don't know what streets were like in those places.

We have a weird forecast for tonight, lots of rain or up to 6 inches of snow. We have to look out the window tomorrow morning to see what happened overnight.

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@Granma It was consistently overcast, temperature in the mid-40s, sprinkles of rain.

The rain part of this storm was mostly a northern Oregon thing.

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