Monday Open Thread: November 12 is World Pneumonia Day, so, uh ..

November 12 is the 316th day of the year
It is also Sweetmorn, The Aftermath 24, 3184 YOLD (discordian)
And let us not forget by the Mayan Long Count

Image from page 247 of "Journal of radiology" (1922)

Well, it's 11 - 12. Dunno where that leads except to 13. Armistice day is long gone and stuff yourself with stuffing day is yet to come. Fall may or may not be here. I can plant snow peas, pak choy, spinach, onions, carrots, chives and a lof of other stuff, but should I?

HEH, it's Veteran's Day. Pretty funny. Once, when we pretended to be something other than greedy imperialist warmongers, we celebrated Armistice Day. That was the end of WWI, the so-called War to End all Wars, and thus its end was a big thing. PEACE, Yeah! It had a fixed date, 11/11 because the Armistice was at 11:11 on 11/11, ".the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month of the eleventh day".
But, deep in our soul we hate peace and love war. We are a warfare state and have a warfare based economy. How could we possibly celebrate a peace treaty? That runs counter to everything we stand for. So we replaced it with "Veterans Day", even though there are 364 other days available for that celebration. Ah well, I guess it's better than being all hypocritical about it. Once Veteran's Day was all about Vets, but these days, in keeping with our open owning of our belligerance and warmongering, we call them "warriors" and "war fighters". That alone speaks volumes. Conan the Barbarian would be proud. At any rate, that holiday isn't fixed, it floats and it has floated over to today, so here's to our Warriors.

Twenty years of schooling and they put you on the day shift, look out kid, ...

On this day in history:

1927 – Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party

1936 – The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge opened to traffic. A couple of years later, electric trains were added, now long removed

1948 – The International Military Tribunal for the Far East sentenced 7 Japanese to death for their roles in WWII.

1954 – Ellis Island ceased operations.

1956 – Israeli soldiers invaded the Gaza Strip and slaughtered over 100 Palestinian refugees in Rafah.

1969 – Seymour Hersh broke the story of the My Lai Massacre.

1970 – The great exploding whale incident in Oregon

1981 – The Space Shuttle Columbia, became the first manned spacecraftto be launched into space twice

1990 – Tim Berners-Lee published a formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

Born this day in:

1815 – Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist, abolitionist, and activist

1833 – Alexander Borodin, composer and chemist

1840 – Auguste Rodin, sculpter and illustrotor. (His famous statue of "The Thinker" bewilders most modern US citizens because it depicts a male human of heroic physique who is neither armed nor armored and who is seated as if on a toilet, but without the sports pages.)

1911 – Buck Clayton, trumpet player and academic

1915 – Roland Barthes, philosopher, theorist, and critic

1917 – Jo Stafford, pop singer

1919 – Jackie Washington, singer and songwriter

1923 – Ian Graham, archaeologist

1927 – Yutaka Taniyama, mathematician famous for the Taniyama–Shimura conjecture

1930 – Bob Crewe, singer, songwriter, and producer

1934 – Charles Manson, religious leader

1943 – Errol Brown, singer and songwriter

1943 – Brian Hyland, archetypal bubblegum pop artist

1944 – Booker T. Jones, pianist, saxophonist, songwriter, and producer

1945 – Neil Young, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1953 – Baaba Maal, singer, songwriter, and guitarist

1962 – Naomi Wolf, author and activist

1968 – Kathleen Hanna, singer, musician, artist, feminist activist,and writer

Died this day in:

1916 – Percival Lowell, astronomer, mathematician and author

1939 – Norman Bethune, physician, commie rat, and humanitarian

1955 – Sarah Wambaugh, political scientist, authority on plebescites (things we claim to believe in but refuse to allow or accept)

1998 – Sally Shlaer, mathematician and engineer, co developed the Shlaer–Mellor method for software development

2008 – Mitch Mitchell, drummer


Holidays, Holy Days, Festivals, Feast Days, Days of Recognition, and such:

World Pneumonia Day
Veterans Day
World Orphans Day
Happy Hour Day
That juxtaposition just grates, ya know, but it's telling, aint it?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day





Music goes here, iirc

World Pneumonia Day

Alexander Borodin

Buck Clayton

Jo Stafford

Jackie Washington

Errol Brown

Booker T. Jones

Neil Young

Mitch Mitchell





picture: Image from page 247 of "Journal of radiology" (1922)

I won't be here when this posts

It's an open thread, so do your thing

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I’m surprised the D and R duopoly legacy parties aren’t already falling all over themselves trying to hire this guy!

And as for Rodin’s “Thinker” and the sports pages, there was a theory that, in its heyday, the Reader’s Digest owed its success partly to its small format — a stack of issues would fit handily on top of the typical toilet’s water tank.

Seemed plausible to me, since that’s where my dad kept ’em.

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Good Morning!

Yes to this:

1840 – Auguste Rodin, sculpter and illustrotor. (His famous statue of "The Thinker" bewilders most modern US citizens because it depicts a male human of heroic physique who is neither armed nor armored and who is seated as if on a toilet, but without the sports pages.)

7th grade Rodin:

Happy Hour Rodin (with music):

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Is very bad to steal Jobu's Rum, is very bad...

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French sculptor Camille Claudel, who was more famous for being Rodin's tragic lover and collaborator than for her own work as an artist, always lived in the shadow of the larger-than-life Rodin. Claudel will finally get her own recognition as an important French artist when her childhood home in Nogent-sur-Seine (southeast of Paris) opens later this month as a national museum dedicated entirely to her work. The museum's opening comes at the same time as the centenary of Rodin's death, which will be celebrated in other museums across France and internationally.

Camille Claudel  sculpture.jpg

Claudel’s life is a lesson in the restrictive social structures of turn-of-the-century Europe. “What broke her down more than Rodin,” she notes, “was how difficult it was for her to make it in that kind of world.”

Rodin's assistant Camille Claudel

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The useless class he describes is uniquely vulnerable. “If a century ago you mounted a revolution against exploitation, you knew that when bad comes to worse, they can’t shoot all of us because they need us,” he said, citing army service and factory work.

Now it is becoming less clear why the ruling elite would not just kill the new useless class. “You’re totally expendable,” he told the audience.

This, Mr. Harari told me later, is why Silicon Valley is so excited about the concept of universal basic income, or stipends paid to people regardless of whether they work. The message is: “We don’t need you. But we are nice, so we’ll take care of you.”

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24 of them? Sign me up.

I've been fortunate to have a good disposition, and to be generally happy. I have friends that suffer with depression, and take happy (coping) pills. However they don't seem happy. I've always found that when I'm feeling down to look around at others...most of whom have many more challenges and obstacles in their lives.

So happy hour, happy day, happy life to all.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Of all the things you listed, I choose to celebrate today as Sweetmorn. That gets me only to noon. However, if the morning is indeed sweet, I can take up tthe slack from noon to bed time.

When my class was graduated from elementary school, we sang This Land is Your Land. That was when I fell in love with Woody Guthrie. I think it should be the national anthem. The one we have is horrible. Almost no one can sing it exactly as the notes are written. And it's about a maroon who wakes up after a battle in the War of 1812, ignores human casualties and injuries on both sides, but is thrilled that the flag is o.k. WTF? Given that and the Pledge of Allegiance, which mentions the flag before it mentions the nation, I can conclude only that Americans of earlier eras were obsessed with the flag.

BTW, el, I noted your drollery. (I thought I'd just invented that word, but I guess not: It is not triggering spell check. Oh, well, it's new to me.)

I love the Ellis Island Museum and recommend it to anyone who visits New York. Incidentally, my father called it "Alice Island." Usually, I knew what he was talking about, despite his many mispronunciations. However, I had no idea Alice Island was Ellis Island until I visited the museum.

À propos of nothing at all: My final donation to Bernie's primary campaign was also my largest single donation to that campaign. So, whenever Bernie or whoever emails me to donate to some candidate Bernie is sponsoring/endorsing--which feels like every other day--the email requests that I donate several hundred dollars to whoever Bernie's email names.

When one of Bernie's early post-primary emails asked me to donate several hundred dollars to, among others, Jean Shaheen, I knew that donating to Our Revolution was not for me. This week, his email asked me to donate several hundred dollars to, among others, Ben Nelson. It was all I could do not to unsubscribe from Bernie's mailing list. Whatever else Bernie may or may not be, best I can tell, he is Vote Blue No Matter Who. I'm not.

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wee bit south of santa cruz. At 5:45 or so, morning twiglight was pastel orange above pastel blue

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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@enhydra lutris
waving at you through the smoke from sc...

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Heart attack special, but what a way to go!

Screenshot 2018-11-12_15-26-57-626.png

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the little things you can do are more valuable than the giant things you can't! - @thanatokephaloides. On Twitter @wink1radio. (-2.1) All about building progressive media.

Happy Birthday. I know this is yesterday's OT, but Pneumonia Day? Every day, soon enough.

North Coast air quality to remain unhealthy for remainder of week

The smoke and ash from the blaze at least 100 miles away in Butte County continues to rise high into the atmosphere, up to 15,000 feet, where offshore winds are blowing them over the Bay Area and Central Valley. From there, pollutants as small as 2.5 micrometers or less are pushed down toward the ground and remain there, according to weather experts.

Particles go straight to the bloodstream, too small for lungs to filter.

Anderson said temperatures are expected to remain normal through the week for this time of year, in the 30s and 40s at night and in the 60s and 70s during the day.

The lingering poor air quality and weather patterns on Monday prompted another Spare the Air alert by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Air quality officials said this wood burning ban will run through Friday. The ban includes the indoor or outdoor burning of manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel.

There were plenty of others walking on the river path yesterday, can't stay inside all day because stir crazy. None of us had masks, I used my kerchief to cover my face when it got too gnarly. People burn wood to stay warm in Cloverdale, doesn't matter what the law says. Mornings are the worst, even without the current disasters. The inversion layer still exists, it is normal.

How symbolic, trees being the lungs of the earth and all. I'd give my right arm for a non-corrupted government right now. Or, how about my head? I'd give that! lol Yes it is already gone.

victory song
woo hoo

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