The Pushing of the Envelope: Jimi Hendrix

So I'm listening to
and I thought of Hendrix, as I often do (OK you have Jesus, I have Hendrix, a problem? OK than.)
This represents a clash of cultures: white and black its real.
I started thinking that Hendrixes' athletic accomplishments was a violent reaction to our groupthink (white.. as in the market of the day) tendencies to need to see a competition. So he fucking blew away the entire rock and roll world to show where mindless competition and preening gets us. Nowhere. We could not compete whatsoever with Jimi Hendrix.
Perhaps in the infinite quantum universes where anything happened there is a single world that worked out exactly as Jimi Hendrix imagined. Lotta waterfalls and rainbow bridges..
But he still died of, from what I can gather, an essentially broken heart. #club27
But the thought that he addressed the competitiveness of us all to our detriment by basically wiping out two decades of musical advancement because we had to study this Master to catch up gives one pause.

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a true trailblazer.

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O.k. When is the next meeting for the revolution?
-FuturePassed on Sunday, November 25, 2018 10:22 p.m.