a mental health break: wd’s backyard birds & bugs slideshow

mr. wd and i grew all the flowers, cannabis, and veggie flowers.  given that butterflies and bees have been so scarce over the past few years, i try especially hard to get photos of those glorious and helpful critters.  you’ll notice that i’m blown away by the reproductive parts of flowers, including the wee flowers within flowers within flowers…in some varieties.

we live in southwest colorado between mesa verde national park and the la plata mountains (‘the shining mountains’ to the ute tribes) and given that ordinarily our gardening season is about 90 days, we have to start the annuals in the greenhouse…and hope like hell they mature.  the cannabis we put in walls-of-water until we reckon the last frost is over.

anyhoo, if you click this link, it’ll take you to my ‘flowers’ album on flickr.


in the white space in the right-hand corner below the blue ‘sign up’ box is a rectangular screen icon with an arrow in it.  if you hover your cursor over it, it says ‘toggle slideshow’, and it begins.  when you want to end it, click ‘escape’.

please feel free to download any of the photos for your personal use.  i’m pretty sure that you have to ‘escape’ and download any from the crazy quilt of them (2 pages); there’s a white outline of an arrow with a line under it that signifies ‘download’.  the tall narrow ones are for half-fold cards.  iirc, you can choose the size and resolution you’d like as well.

hope you like ’em.

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Yes. A very nice break indeed.

You have all of those different varieties at your home? Wonderful!


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"Make dirt, not war." eyo

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and more whose photos i lost when one laptop crashed and burned, then flickr deleted in their 'upgrade' at the same time. so happy to know that you enjoyed the break, marilyn tree hugger. giant saphire and gold pansies, for one. ach, i love them, can't get those seeds to sprout of late.

i'd put up my birds and four-leggeds earlier here, but you can see them in that album on flickr beside this one, i think. if not, i'll dig out the link at c99 in the mornin'. sorry to be a bit rushed for tonight.

oh, but can you imagine how young baryshnikov was in the video? my stars.

sleep well, dream of a better world if you can...

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@wendy davis

of birds and bees and flowers. As a fellow photographer and nature lover, I very much appreciate them.

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@janis b

i remember how much you love birds, especially, and hoped you might see these. i know in kiwiland you have so many other varieties, too. double thanks for at least two of you taking a mental health break to stop and smell...the flowers.

sometimes when i'm reading and writing online, and the angst of the current zeitgeist gets too crazy for me, i click into the café and click the banner photos just as a reminder that there is still a glorious natural world out there.

peace and solidarity,

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