DC to require medical providers have LGBTQ cultural competency

 photo Caduceus1.pngThis past Tuesday the Council of the District of Columbia unanimously and with little fanfare passed B21-168, the LGBTQ Cultural Competency Continuing Education Amendment Act. When signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, he district will be the first jurisdiction in the nation to require LGBTQ cultural competency training for all health care providers.

The bill sets a modest but needed floor for such training by requiring any health care professional who is required to receive continuing education to include at least two credits of LGBTQ-related clinical or cultural competency training.

Hellraisers Journal: Socialist Party of America Sends out Three Great Speakers for 1916 Campaign

Yours for the Revolution,
Mother Jones

Sunday February 13, 1916
From the Northwest Worker: Kirkpatrick, Walker, and Seidel to Tour for S. P of A. Campaign

Thursday's Northwest Worker of Everett, Washington, reported that three prominent Socialist will be on tour across the nation to advance the 1916 Campaign for the Socialist Party of America:

Socialist Party of America, 1916 Campaign, Northwest Worker, Feb 10, 1916.png

Open Sesame 02/13/16

Airplanes are wrong, so wrong that I cannot even begin to adequately express their wrongness. They are probably wronger even than the Big Three of wrongness: money, cities, jobs. Every day, there is a tube, within it a Reason, not to fly on the airplanes.

Hormone therapy for transgender people improves mental health

Anti-transgender forces like Breitbart or Lifesite or Family Research Council like to drag out ancient transphobe Dr. Paul McHugh, the man who shut down the nation's leading gender clinic at Johns Hopkins because he thought gender non-conformity was a "lifestyle choice" or notorious ex-transwoman Walt Heyer to prove that treatment of gender dysphoria does not and cannot work.

The latest from Breitbart:

But medical students at Georgetown and other schools are being forced-marched though the post-modern, post-scientific ideological swamps of vanity politics instead of spending their precious time learning actual medicine.

You see, treatment of transgender people is not actually medicine.

Their purpose, of course, is to erase transgender people from the community of human beings. How very Christian of them.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones & John D Jr Plan: Give Life of Boy Murderer for Life of Ludlow Boy

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Saturday February 12, 1916
From The Day Book: A Life for a Life?

A story now being published in newspapers across the nation recently received some attention from the Chicago Day Book:

Day Book, Mother Jones, JDR Jr, Young Slayer, Feb 10, 1916.png

Black Like Me

Wizardry, it is really not all that difficult.

Mostly—and like most everything else—it requires mostly Will.

And The Mad Bomber, the one thing she surely has, is Will. Will to be the president. "Eight years of Bill, and eight years of Hill." That has been the watchword, for her and The Clenis, since before the mists of time.

Anti-Trans forces fail in two states...for now

It should be clear to anyone with the slimmest of interest in the freedom of human beings to be who they are that there is a well-established organized effort to force all transgender people...but especially the transgender kids...to live as the gender we were assigned at birth.

That's the whole point restricting access to public accommodations like restrooms.

Well, today we find that efforts by those forces have failed in Virginia and Washington.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Declares Child Labor Is Murder, Dwarfing Little Minds and Bodies

"Of such is the kingdom of Heaven," said the great teacher.
Well, if Heaven is full of undersized, round shouldered, hollow-eyed,
listless, sleepy little angel children,
I want to go to the other place with the bad little boys and girls.
-Mother Jones

Sunday February 11, 1906
Greensboro, North Carolina - Mother Jones Speaks on Child Labor

From the Greensboro Daily Industrial News of February 9th:

Mother Jones.jpg


Socialist Declares That Factories Are Responsible
for Mental Degenerates
Laboring Man's Champion Speaks to a Small Audience
in Labor Union Hall But Holds Her
Hearers' Interest to the End.

Mother Jones talked in Labor Union Hall last night to an audience made unfortunately small by the inclemency of the weather. But the few people who were there were profoundly interested and were besides very greatly taken with the "spunky" little woman who tried to stir up in them the revolutionary spirit and to implant in them a firm purpose to benefit their brothers and help them forward to a higher civilization.

Mother Jones related first the history of the tool, told how it had become a machine, and how its change, and its ownership by the few had brought about the present economic conditions. She told about how young men used to go West to escape the servitude of labor, but now, she said, the conditions were the same everywhere.

Cuba appealed for relief from Spain, said she, and could have had it without war, but in the interests of capital war was brought about. Then capital went on to the Philippines, to work up that country. In the Far East, before the gates of Pekin, Militarism and Capitalism for the first time in history, joined their interests and worked together. The whole thing means that we are face to face with a competition as the world has never known it before.

Calls Child Labor Murder.

Compromised NGOs Part II

amnesty afghan-bus-shelter-ad (1)

As I’d said about Part I, some of this diary might cause readers discomfort in varying measures.  All I’d ask is that you set aside your preconceptions for a bit to examine some of the facts and opinions, and gauge how much of it resonates, even over time, as…believable.  I’ll wait until Part III to discuss organizational and personal Liberal Climate Change media  brands; those may be harder to accept, as I’ve discovered only too well in the past (smile).