Multi-derailments in Canada, UNBELIEVABLE!

Northern Ontario

CN train carrying crude oil derails, catches fire in Northern Ontario
A Canadian National Railway Co. train carrying 100 tank cars of crude oil derailed and caught fire in Northern Ontario early Sunday morning

Twenty-nine cars jumped the tracks and seven were still on fire on Sunday afternoon.

Global Drone Assassination Program on verge of collapse

Competition of good-paying jobs is fierce these days, but there is one job sector where they will train you, you can get paid six-figures, and you don't even have to work hard.
No kidding, in the private sector the starting salary is $100,000.

There's just one small catch: You sometimes have to kill children.

The Caucus Cafe

Today’s Special: Clementine Cake

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I thought some folks might be in search of a recipe to answer the sweet tooth this Hallmark holiday evokes. I’m not much of a chocolate lover but I’ll rarely turn down a piece of fruit or a few nuts. Right now our kitchen counter has a bowl full of clementines and good bakers and cooks always look for fresh seasonal ingredients.