Michigan Poll Bernie within MOE

Poll out today from MSU:
The cell phone and landline telephone survey interviewed 838 Michigan adults. The margin of error is 3.4 percent for the full survey, 5.8 percent among 290 likely Republican voters and 6.1 percent among 262 likely Democratic voters.

The State of the State Survey is a quarterly measure of the attitudes and opinions of Michiganders. It asks questions about consumer confidence, gubernatorial and presidential performance.

To the Clintonistas...

I'm certain there are more than a few supporters of Hillary Clinton lurking here at Caucus99. I've no idea if some of you have tried to join this site and been declined, or whether you haven't deigned to engage at C99 yet. If it were up to me, I'd allow such memberships without hesitation and give you a chance to state your case without rancor. Surely you have a case to make... but I've yet to encounter anything beyond Brockian spin and boilerplate lists of Sec.

Speaking Fees Are an Unfair Character Attack

I found this somewhere in a thread over at dKos:


What crap. But coming from Peter Daou, what else would one expect.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes:

“What are you going to believe, Hillary, or your lying eyes?” Bernie is suggesting that you to trust your lying eyes when it comes to Hillary.

I just voted in ILLINOIS!

According to the early poll workers, turn out has been brisk. Of the 20 or so people there, I'd say 3/5s were voting GOP, but this is the reddest part of Cook County (SW suburb). During the times that I was an election judge here, Shrub won by a huge margin, and Obama was only a couple of hundred short in 2008. (That was a moral victory, given the number of churches within one mile (12) vs. the number of bars (2). I did not realize that when I moved here.)

Two Primaries

I've been thinking about this primary season as two primaries - the Southern Primary, and the Main Primary. This is somewhat an artifact of pushing Southern states to the front of the schedule this cycle. The South is the most conservative region of America (with the possible exception of the intermountain West), none of us should be surprised that Bernie has had trouble there - any progressive would. The only surprising thing has been the degree of strength Clinton has displayed there.

If you can't dance a step, you can't teach it

Had an amazing dream last night, and a lot of things really became clear. Sometimes I really loathe my subconscious, but other times it sifts through the detritus and comes up with an amazing metaphor. So, I'm going to drift wildly off topic, toss in a film that I don't think a lot of people have seen or remember and have a little fun, because lord knows we can use it.

Good Morning from Connecticut

Good Morning,
My name is Robin and a few of you may remember my Mom, her name was MassLass. Five years ago this week we were sunning ourselves in Hawaii and flew out right before the earthquake in Japan.
I was invited to join by a friend of hers so I figured I would check this out since I post way to much political stuff on FB (I think my mom is haunting me, lol).


The following is on the Front Page at DK... Anyone have any idea as to what is going on...?

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Greetings to all!

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd take a moment this morning to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Kyle Nally, and yes, that's my actual name. I'm a 40-year-old student of web design and application development at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and currently live in Kalamazoo, MI.

Gun Control and Boeing Sales

Hope I am in the right place. I was new to Dailykos as drkst user name. Wish someone would ask Hillary and even her supporters who are so sensitive to slights, why is it okay to hold US gun makers liable for deaths but not Boeing who has sold death weapons to Saudi Arabia. These Boeing weapons have been used to kill civilians. Why is it okay? Do Hillary and her supporters think these lives are less significant? How privileged is that?