Yellow Vests

This is getting repetitive

The global establishment has a formula for any and all popular movements and politicians that threaten the power and wealth of the ruling elite, and they use it a lot.

Is it even possible to oppose the status quo and not be 1) a foreign agent, 2) stupid, and 3) racist? I doubt if Jesus himself returned today, and he denounced the money-lenders, that he wouldn't be "outed" as a lazy, stupid, racist, Putin Puppet.

Why Is There No Violent Yellow Vest Uprising in America?

Widespread social violence, extreme income inequality, and rage at perceived injustice are the classical indicators of the onset of political rebellion.

By the indicators that are commonly used to predict violent political insurrection, America, rather than France, should have been the first to erupt into widespread street protests and rebellion. There are factors at work that aren’t being taken into consideration in the standard model, as will be explained, below.

"There is No Middle Progressive Ideology"

I'm not sure where this is coming from but I'm certainly interested to see if this catches on and where it goes. It's exactly what is needed not only in France, but here in this country and basically the entire planet. Organize independently from the corrupted political systems that represent the oligarchies and demand a complete change in human governance from rule by the rich to power to the people.