The Wall

President Trump To Declare National Emergency in Tuesday White House Address


In a blow to the Globalists "Open Borders" policy, and the obstruction efforts by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to block our Country from ever protecting its Southern Border, President Trump will now give a public address from the White House on Tuesday Night to declare a National Emergency and take Executive action to secure our own Country's Borders.


So, while Trump is ushering in World Peace, he’s shutting down the federal government

I know everyone is happy about trump announcing that u.s. troops based in Syria will be leaving. I noticed that a lot of people are editing his statement to say those troops are “coming home” — which, notably, he didn’t say. Rand Paul went on tv to say that the money saved from “coming home” from Syria could pay far all kinds of stuff here at home. Including roads and bridges and, yeah, walls. On the southern border. Not healthcare, of course.