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Warmongering, Wealth, and World Wide Deception

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BoJo and Brandon are in political hot water. What to do? Better stoke another war, and make the war machine puppet masters happy. After all the CIA controlled main stream news will create public support. It's the empires last gasp (I hope). I find it interesting how few, even in alternative media, delve into Brandon's role in the Ukrainian coup. I mean how did his son (and Kerry's nephew) end up with a $50,000/month gig on an Ukrainian oil board? More recently US incompetence was on display in the failed coup in Kazakhstan. With Ukraine, seems we're in a Cuban missile crisis in reverse.


The Weekly Watch

Marching Toward War?

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Are US citizens so blinded by their delusion of greatness that they can't see this war mongering country for what it is? Perhaps it is the MSM which cheers on every possible conflict that has brainwashed the people with war propaganda. Whatever the reason, the citizenry (for the most part) seems numb to US aggression. Last week I thought it was China and the US supported Taiwan independence effort which might spark war. This week it is NATO's expansion and Ukraine's prodding, edging us closer to a foolish war with Russia. This is insanity folks. We need to be cooperating with other powers not war mongering.

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