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Have We Ever Had a Democracy?

In short, my answer is no.

I base this answer on two things:

1.) A definition of democracy as a system where we all have a say in our affairs and may change conditions which are unsuitable to the majority.

2.) The absence of this principle in our judicial, economic, and political systems where instead Big Money rules.

Hellraisers Journal: From the Appeal to Reason: Socialists from Three Nations Ask to End War

I have no country to fight for;
my country is the earth;
I am a citizen of the world.
Eugene Victor Debs

Tuesday December 28, 1915
From the Appeal to Reason: Socialist Legislators from Three Nations Seek to End the War

From the Christmas Day edition of the Appeal comes the news that Socialists from the legislative bodies of Great Britain, Germany, and the United States have asked for an end to the war now raging in Europe:

Socialists Ask to End War in Parliament of Three Nations

Great Britain

Philip Snowden, House of Commons 1906-1924.png

On December 8, 1915, Philip Snowden, Socialist member of House of Commons, called upon the British Prime Minister for a statement as to the possibility of ending the war. This was Asquith's reply made in Parliament:

If proposals of a serious character for a general peace are put forward by the enemy governments either directly or through a neutral power they will be discussed by the allied governments.

Asquith thinks it is a sign of weakness for his country to begin peace negotiations. If that view is taken by all seriously and adhered to nothing but death of all the soldiers at the front could possibly end the war. Somebody must begin. Why not Great Britain?

Wow. The astounding grip the Saudis have on Western discourse.

The West Rightly Condemns Isis Vandalism of Ancient Sites – But Not When the Saudis Do It

Explosives pulverize historic sites in the Middle East, bulldozers erase ancient tombs and shrines, historic forts are torn down and Ottoman facades destroyed. The home of the favourite wife of the most revered man in an entire religion is even turned into a block of toilets. How can the world prevent this wicked desecration and extinction of a heritage that belongs to all mankind? I am, of course, referring to those iconoclastic Wahhabi-Salafist Muslim head-choppers … the Saudis!