Train Wreck

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Train Wreck

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The train wreck in Palestine Ohio seems emblematic of the state of the nation and collective west. We've come off the rails economically, politically, socially, militarily, ecologically... There was some good news this week in the Netherlands, as the farmer protest party (BBB) won the largest number of members of their upper senate. Xi heads to Moscow this week. He may have a concept for peace in Ukraine. If that's true, my bet is the US will oppose it. Much more below the fold...


Why the Vaccine Rollout is such a chaotic SNAFU - one word.

My wife spent a ton of time and effort trying to get us both vaccinated before mid March so we could go on vacation. It was so maddening and screwed up and frustrating that she almost lost it several times.

Digresion: She was, in her time, a team leader leading teams who did audits of the largest US and US headquartered multinational corporations.

What a glorious night

Yes. Yes, it was.

Cable TeeVee: I found myself feverishly switching between the channels to see which anchor/election specialist/panel could find the most creative ways to fill air time with no news.

Let's go to Cindy at XXX HQ. Cindy what do you know? We're sure you're talking to your "on the ground" sources.

Ralph what do you make of this all? Well, obviously something is going on, we just don't know what?