The Weekly Watch

We Have Met the Terrorists
and They are U.S.

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Throughout the twenty year war on terror, we have failed again and again to look in the mirror. Self reflection is not an American strong point. Clearly the US provokes more global violence, destruction, and death than any other nation...by far (and has done so since at least WWII). However, 9/11 provided the impetuous to do far more...added gas to the fire, creating selective wars, coups, and conflicts without congressional approval (and in many cases public awareness).

It is appropriate and necessary that we also reflect on the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the unspeakable deaths and destruction caused by the Global War on Terror that followed the attacks: more than one million Iraqis; 164,000 people in Afghanistan; 80,000 Pakistanis; and countless more in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Niger, and more we don’t even know about.