Use “3 Birds, 1 Stone Strategy” if you want to live.

The Two Parties and the Media fail to serve our interests. Actually, work against them most of the time. If this doesn't change, and real soon, they're going to take us over a cliff. And real soon.

That these "3 Birds" are corrupt, self-serving, and divorced from reality is an assertion few "everyday people" would even try to refute. Not least because it can't be done.

Alpha's Election Night Survival Thread/Live Blog. Now with useful tips!

Well, I just went and voted (Stein, couldn't bring myself to break my pledge to not vote for evil, even to stop Clinton.)

Some interesting anecdotes:

My wife went to vote right after she got off work this morning. She arrived about 20 minutes before the Florida polls opened. She reported that there were only about a dozen people in line and by the time she was done voting there was no line whatsoever.

What's an alligator to do?

I fear the American public is descending into a series if mind-numbing, stupid combats between morons, idiots, and haters. This latest online "expose" reveals the basic lack of knowledge of the real world, existence of primeval hatred of the "other" and willingness to either denounce or reasonably approve of the exact demands of nature. Mr. Darwin, amongst his many other other contributions to human knowledge, first clearly declared the doctrine of "survival of the fittest".