This may go over like a Pb ballon (you had to be there)

Unlike OT, we are free-wheeling. But there were occasional demographics surveys. Those got a little too-specific, like income, I don't care about that. OT, it seemed to sort mostly male. Sorry you who may have chromosome one way and beliefs the other. Or something. Poorly designed question. Age range might be nice.

My sense is that we run about 50/50 XX/XY. Does that sound less-judgemental?

Mail In Propaganda

So I'm apparently a local leader. At least, that's what the latest letter accompanying a "survey" from the DNC says I am. Certainly is news to me. But it did get me wondering exactly how many people here have ever gotten one of these before. So, for those who don't receive this little piece of propaganda, I thought it'd be nice to share it here.

The main part of the accompanying letter reads as follows:

First Post here - DNC Platform

Keith Ellison is a member of the DNC Platform Drafting Committee. He is one of Bernie's picks. So it may not be a surprise that he is showing interest in what real people have to say.

I posted information on his request on another blog for which I am a guest author (OK, a regular guest author). Here is the link: