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Social Security "Boost" is Half The Story. The Numbers and the Propaganda today.

Today I will show you how the NY Daily News is covering the SS numbers. The Daily News is an entirely Big Corp, GOP, Capitalism operation.

First quote, "It's an abrupt break from a long lull that saw COLA averaging just 1.65% a year over the past 10 years."

True, but if you add in the 5 previous years when there was no COLA that 1.65% would be a great deal lower.

Fifteen Years Ago Today I Saved Social Security

Today is the 15th anniversary of my saving Social Security from privatization. I remember it well and remember it fondly. Score one for the digital pamphleteer! I'm writing this to remind each of us here, myself included that passionate words, adherence to values, and solid framing can make a difference regardless of the size of your megaphone or your bank account.

No Cigar For Congress, But Credit Freeze Now Free

012-800x600 C99 Essay Credit Freeze.jpg

Seems like eons ago when we first learned of the Equifax security breach and all the fail that followed. You know, like, the mgmt sold their stock before reporting the breach?

Here, happy Saturday, have a laugh and refresh your memory about how screwed so many people were and still are .

GOP Bill Will Cut Medicare and Social Security

Updated: So we knew the $$$ Trillion+ in Tax Giveaways to the rich had to be paid for 'somehow'. Now Repubs tell us how they plan to do it. Most smart people knew this was coming anyway, but now the first cannon balls have been fired against the ramparts, so this is no longer just a bad dream.