OUTBREAK: Cognitive Dissonance No Longer Contained to Just Hillary Supporters

Progressives may have a huge threat at our doorstep.

Insidiously, contradictorily (some might say) and despite people's best efforts, the Shillary endorsement by Bernie Sanders last week seems to have let loose an unexpected scourge: the Cognitive Dissonance virus, up until now contained to Shillary and Trump fans…seems to have escaped all quarantine efforts and is now taking out us Berners.

At least she didn't screech


Sorry for the white privilege misogynist triggering crap. (Hey, Chauncey and the donkey you rode in on!) It's how I feel. So sorry that is not allowed any more . But up till now when she speaks/yells all i hear is my wife (who I love more than life itself) yelling at me for f'g something, and that's after 36 years of marriage. Yeah gets my vote.