The new defense bill is a monstrosity

If you thought that the defense budget was completely out-of-control and couldn't get any worse, think again. The new, "totally bipartisan" defense bill is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our political system.
The reasons are too numerous to count, so I'll just stick to the highlights.

American Conservative critique of Sanctions on Venezuela

Daniel Larison's writing on Venezuela may have been discussed here previously and I may have missed the discussion, but I just want to point to the humane nature of conservative communities we can relate to.

From our friends at The American Conservative:

The one nation flipping America the bird, and getting away with it

Venezuela only has one big export - oil - and almost no one willing to risk American sanctions in order to buy it. Europe won't defy us, and neither will much of Latin America.

But one nation you probably don't think about will dare to risk sanctions.