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Misery at Home and Mayhem Abroad

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Oh boy, more has that worked out? It is obvious they can't learn. Well here they go again against China and India...what is that, about half the world's human population? You think it might come back and bite us in the ass? I do. But it's not just sanctions against other nations, no, they are sanctioning the students peacefully protesting the genocide in Gaza. Expelling them, locking them out of their dorms, targeting them as they develop their careers. It is the empire come home to roost.


Economic war on Russia has failed. Now what?

The Russian economy was supposed to collapse in 2022 because of our sanctions. After all, we illegally seized more than $300 Billion and plan on using it to rebuild Ukraine, while NATO bankrupts Russia in its war against Ukraine.. This was supposed to crush Russia and bring it to heel.

Real Estate: Where Russian Sanctions Go To Die

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that NATO countries won't do to punish Russian oligarchs for their support for Putin. To do otherwise is not an option. It's a moral imperative.
Well, they'll do anything short of cutting into profits for the super wealthy that have invested in real estate.

Putin is actually making a lot of sense

We are normally subjected to a news media blackout concerning what our main global political rivals have to say. So it's sort of refreshing when anything at all is allowed through the corporate media censors.

“The pandemic has been replaced by new challenges of a global nature, carrying a threat to the whole world, I’m talking about the sanctions rush in the West and the West’s blatantly aggressive attempts to impose their modus vivendi on other countries, to take away their sovereignty, to submit them to their will,” Putin told delegates at Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum in the port city of Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast.

“The high level of industrial development in Europe, the standard of living, social and economic stability — all of this is being thrown onto the fire of sanctions,” he added.

“They are being wasted on orders from Washington in the name of so-called Euro-Atlantic unity. Though in reality, they are basically being sacrificed in the name of preserving the U.S. dictatorship in global affairs,” Putin said.

Hmmm. Yeah, that sounds about right. I can't find any flaws in his thinking.

Russia’s president, who has been largely ostracized by developed Western countries following Moscow’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, said he believed the current situation had been precipitated by the “slipping dominance” of the U.S. in global politics and economics.
Describing the Asia-Pacific region as a “magnet” for human resources, capital and production capacities, Putin said that “despite that, Western countries are trying to maintain the old world order that only benefited them.

Have you noticed that our news media always includes the adjective of "unprovoked" when they say "invasion of Ukraine"? But in two decades they never used the "unprovoked" adjective to our invasions and bombings of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria?

“Western countries have undermined the key pillars of the world economic system built over centuries,” Putin said.