So, Kavanaugh seals the deal of the Supreme Court among all the goodwill and collegiality required for the occasion. That is to say, he affirms the trend already set by a court which had pronounced Bush to be the “elected” President in 2000, and had decided that corporations were people just like us, and so on.

Lying Just as Fast as They Can

Here we are, late in the Trump/Russia Collusion Investigation, and the evidence is still as thin and weak as watery milk. The media monopolies are the ever-present mouthpieces of last resort when you absolutely, positively need to misinform and confuse the American public, and they performed as expected. For them, it's no longer about proving that Vladimir Putin has seized control of the United States from his sinister Kremlin office. In recent weeks, they've been talking a mile a minute just to obscure their own perfidy. Watching them, one gets the impression that if they stop to take a breath their pants will fall down.

(It’s a little late in the day for that, I’d say.)

Since the end of July, Lanny Davis (Michael Cohen’s attorney) has been sneaking around as an “unnamed source” passing insider news to "easy" media like CNN. In this latest narrative, we are told that Michael Cohen is going to drop the dime on his client, Donald Trump. It seems that Cohen witnessed Trump engaged in *actual* Russian collusion.

The Legacy Left sees the elephant but misses the rest of the living room

I give up on the Nation Magazine and the "Legacy Left". [NOTE] The interminable stream of "final notice" letters from the magazine has ceased; I think they finally got the message. However, the last issue I received completely supports my abysmally low opinion of them.

Before you think about violence…. think!

Some comments to my latest blog said I was wrong for talking about non-violent resistance. My own history includes training to be a USMC officer including how to kill with my bare hands. That training changed me forever. I do not want to kill another human being for any reason including “self defense”.

You cannot sit and watch

What is happening in Charlottesville is not a spectator sport. People are being injured, maybe killed (again-Black Lives matter, Black Panthers, Labor Union members, etc.) and it is not for your entertainment nor for you to sit and be outraged. Every time violent force is used against any of us it is against all of us.

Imagine no Bankers Open Thread

The sun is up, I'm up and there is no OT. OTOH, I've got a ton to do today, no plan, no topic, and no real inspiration. However, some ideas --

The machine demands a permanent underclass. Desperation for jobs keeps wages down & production up. Desperation for goods & services drives the desperation for jobs. Eschew faddist crap and non-necessities.