Rep. Ilhan Omar

First Muslim Female Congresswoman Omar Being Crucified by Fascist Duopoly.

Apologies for the hit and run. Have been perusing Twitter throughout the day and this story is developing and is now the top trending item there. Haven't read the "official" report from the lame-o Politico or the alleged savage takedown in the Wapo. But thought I'd take a quick sampling of some of the tweets to let the C99 community see for ourselves what's going on and to discuss it if it's of interest.

Crucified on a Cross of Benjamins

One can only be gobsmacked by the Orwellian tactic of claiming that a quotidian phrase, uttered by millions for decades, has suddenly become an anti-Semitic insult. ("Its all about the Benjamin's, baby.") This is weaponized sophistry, aka casuistry. If we go down this road, saying "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole." is going to be construed as anti-Polish. The metaphor of the boiling frog will be taken as an insult to French mentality.

The obvious (to me) response to the fabricated and orchestrated outrage about Representative Ilhan Omar's remark is to send her a $100 bill. If she is going to be crucified on a cross of Benjamins, she might as well have some of them.