Democrats: are they finally realizing they are on the Titanic?

Should I give you the short answer, or will you have to read through this, or do you already know? A considerable constituency of our community believe that the Blue Party is beyond resuscitation, to which faction I also belong. Why? They are the party of Hillary Clinton. They are the party of No Changes Needed Nancy. They are the party of NotTrump. They are the party of no issues, other than to get re-elected, even if it means to lie, cheat and steal. I could go on but won't.

It is time for a reality check.

I read blogs and news and am astounded by the apparent lack of understanding of what has happened and is happening. This was not just another election. It is a coup and it has every chance of succeeding if we fail to realize it.
We have an interesting (for lack of a better word) cast of characters starting with Trump and Bannon and going from there.

When does political correctness become political blindness?

Please do not condemn or ignore the following link due to guilt by association thinking. That is a dangerous path to follow. Failing to acknowledge what others with different viewpoints have observed is willful blindness. The Republicans are guilty, by and large, of willful blindness to climate change--but not all of them--there are (gasp!) sane Republicans left. Consider the source is a wise caution but even more important--as Bernie has often said--consider the facts!

A Separate Reality - A Kossack way of Knowledge: REPUBLISHED from GOS

In 1971, Carlos Casteneda published "A Separate Reality"; a follow on to his first work "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge". These, and more to follow, purportedly recounted his training in mesoamerican shamanism by the shaman he called Don Juan. His works were at first accepted by many as non-fiction, and there are still some who buy into them. For further revelations, and relevance, jump with me through spacetime to the diary below --

My Tax Burden

Corporations like to whine about how much they pay in taxes. It is the motivation behind companies like Burger King racing across the Canadian border to devour Tim Horton's just so that BK can wear the butchered pelt and pretend to be a Canadian corporation now, thus qualifying to pay less in taxes.

Here's your OT

Who knows what reality consists of or even what it really is about. If you base your earthly reality on what you read or see the world wide web or the 'media' which is a loose term that defines public opinion and what used to be called news you are operating on some kind of absurd delusion/illusion. The current masters of the universe who adhere to a cult of ancient and modern human nastiness have somehow managed to redefine reality.