The Logos of Odysseus - A Veteran's Anti-War Speech.

So, thanks to the work of Shahryar I have managed to get ahold of a digital copy of The Logos of Odysseus. I have deliberately avoided as many spoilers about this, and literary analyses, to better understand the piece without the gilding of ages. So, first of all, a HUGE thank you to Shahryar for the hard work, and link to a Thesis which contained Antisthenes work in toto. It's much appreciated and this essay is my way of doing a bit of homework on the piece.

Autumn Reading and Music selections from Alligator University

I've been missing the friendly confines of c99 for a while. As usual, wonderful, thoughtful essays have been consistently posted since my last visit. Now if you expect thoughtful from a reptile, think again. I left my swamp a few weeks ago to visit my sister Alice in Southern Florida. But, damn, this Harvey guy was the biggest blowhard I've ever come across outside of DJ Trump and HRC (aka HerM).