Two reasons for hope: decline of the petrodollar-fueled militarism and the pending release of FISA related memo

Hat tip to Ellen North for leading me to some of the best news I've seen in a long time: Ellen's comment links.

Few things have given me much hope about our nation's future and the course of world events lately. Yet two events, one allegedly occurring Feb. 2 and the other slowly evolving are producing that hoped-for result.

The Weekly Watch

It's All About Oil


Jonathon Robin

Pollution and spillage,
plunder, rape, pillage,
Earth’s face is turned.
Earth’s beauty burned
Earth’s shame discerned
in climatic warning.

In city and village,
factory, tillage,
Man’s pride is spurned,
Man’s ashes urned,
Man dust returned
with climactic mo[u]rning.