Open Thread for Saturday

I don't know where smiley's OT 'Welcome to Saturday' essay is, hope he is OK.

I'm cooking and transplanting seedlings today so will just put this up.

On the menu today;
humus, (garbanzo beans have been soaking) flatbread, Caesar salad, (I know, does not go together but is what we have in the fridge), cabbage salad (to be made for tomorrow), and whatever else we can scare up...is a work in progress.

If anyone knows about smiley please chime in.

Nemo, Chapter 1: Fire Sale

The fire sale was surprisingly lively for an early morning. Here and there people rushed
into the burning building, removing objects to the dibs pile while just as frantically the
presumed owners of the home did the same, occasionally dropping an item into the
deductible pile which sat next to the Peedee.

"Nemo" Development/ Brainstorming #8: Final Notes.

I've gotten a lot down here, enough so that I don't feel like I'm flying into this completely blind. For those just joining me, this is my final little jaunt into world building and exploration of the Earth, 500 years from now. It's a Post-Industrial, Non-Dystopian world, where most of the things we most fear nowadays have come to pass, and yet people are surprisingly OK with it.

"Nemo" Development/ Brainstorming #7: The Former EU

Welcome back to my brainstorming/development for "Nemo" a non-dystopian, Post-Industrial novel. This idea sprang from my interest in post-industrial fiction, but really blossomed into full flower when I combined it with my love of Age of Sail ships and exploration/Adventure stories.

"Nemo" Development/Brainstorming #5: The significance of Nemo

I must admit something. I did not know when I started writing this what the significance of "Nemo" was. I knew the word was evocative of characters and had a long literary and mythical tradition, but how it applied to this post industrial world was still a mystery to me until I thought about the history of the world, and the general attitude of people to unreasonable authority.

"Nemo" Development/Brainstorming #4: A Whistle Stop Tour Of OR and CA

Welcome to my Brainstorming/Development of "Nemo", a post-industrial, non-apocalyptic, slightly hopeful look forward at the world in 500 years. This is imagined as a series, whether it ends up in book or screenplay form depends on the whims of fate. I will say, National Novel Writing Month is starting in a few days, and It may help the process for me to publish the chapters here for a bit to work out the first draft.

"Nemo" Development/Brainstorming #2 : The Home Port and the Ship

So, I really enjoyed the feedback that I got for my series Idea. So much so that I wanted to continue writing on it, jotting down some ideas, and working on the series "Bible" as it were for writers in the world. (All series are eventually a "Shared Universe" and IMHO work best when everybody's on the same page with regards to what's going on in the world)

Openly Eccentric - Open Thread 4/3/2016

So today I figured I'd share a bit of my Stand-up Material... Yeah, I do it, but not often, and usually only when I get a babysitter and open mic night to line up properly...

So, I present you, The ABC routine:

There's an old saying "It will be a great day when the schools get all the funding they need and the Army has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber."

You ever stop and think what that would actually look like?