nice liberals with big egos

At the dawn of Biden austerity

First we have Kate Aronoff, writing for the New Republic, who tells us that "Democrats’ Fear of the Green New Deal Is Tearing the Party Apart." Well, from reading her article it does seem a mystery why they're so against it, except of course that those who are for it are challenging their hold on power a little bit. Here's a telling segment of this piece:

A revealing Facebook exchange, also, Joe Biden's climate liaison

When I criticized the Facebook "Clash against the Right" group on Facebook:

The group "Clash Against the Right" is not really against the Right -- they're totally fine with the Right, as long as its patrons have the magic (D) symbol next to their names.

I received this response:

Who are the nice liberals with big egos?

This is kind of a footnote diary. I suppose that, given my last commentary on the Presidential election, I need to explain my use of the term "nice liberals with big egos." This is the group that thinks they're really doing something substantive by getting all panicked about Donald Trump in front of Left audiences.