Judging Morality

We don't usually turn to Nashville based evangelical firm LifeWay Research for good news of any sort.

But LifeWay has surveyed 1000 Americans and found that nearly 60% do not believe that it is morally wrong for someone to identify with a gender different than the one usually associated with the one assigned at birth. And the majority do not believe that it is morally wrong to change one's body to match one's gender identity by taking hormones or having surgery.

A majority of Americans reject the view of a creator giving them a gender that shouldn’t be changed.

--Scott McConnell, LifeWay Executive Director

Towards a Moral Economy

At the recently concluded Centesimus annus conference at the Vatican, leaders from countries around the world were invited to discuss the morality, or lack thereof, in the global economy, which Pope Francis has rightfully labelled as "the globalization of indifference".

Invitations to this conference were selective, made by the Pope himself. Having been schooled on the writings of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, I found resonance with Francis's address before the conference.

Are You a Terrorist?

PLEASE NOTE: What follows is obviously not directed at my friends at The 99. It is an essay excerpt written for a different place. I wanted my colleagues to see it, because parts of it are inspired by things I've learned here and by links I've followed that were posted here.

Let us Synchronize our Moral Compass

We should be ever mindful of the fact that ISIS are a creation of US imperialist slaughter and mass displacement, along with secular liberal authoritarianism and suppression.

Any US meddling in the region should be opposed wholesale by the genuine left, if it does exist, for the horrors of US imperialism that it is

I am struggling to reconcile the logic of Europeans, Americans, or other foreign entities who heroically opposed the Iraq war with now supporting mass slaughter against sovereign nationals or so-called rebels in Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else in the Middle East. My position is this:   Oppose any bombing of Syria or any sovereign region by the US, France, Great Britain, Australia, Russia or any other murderous regime with a squadron of warplanes ready to inflict the terror of aerial bombardment.

Solidarity with those people being terrorized from the skies is the natural position of a truly sentient human being with an undamaged mind.