Medusa returns

Lest we forget. Fellow Swampers and those remaining dry, it was just a few cycles around the sun, that your faithful alligator, along with many others, were faced with a nightmare scenario: Medusa, aka Hildebeast, aka Her, aka Sociopath par excellance, competing for control of Amerikan Corporacy with Herr Drumpf. Lesser of two evils. Oy veh! What a choice: will you take hemlock or arsenic, Socrates?

FBI: the damage done, may be irreparable for decades

December 7, July 7, 2016, a day which will live in infamy. No battleships were sunk that day, but the fabric of equality pretenses may have been irreparably torn--allowing the public to clearly see the dual-tiered "justice system" for what it is--a hoax perpetrated upon the people to lull us into believing the now utter bullshit of "equal justice under the law".

Judicial Watch: why Hillary needs to be deposed

For those of you who patiently waded through the 7 emailgate deposition summaries posted here by me, you may recall that in at least one of them I predicted that Medusa would have to testify under oath. That truth may be aborning. According to another JW release, Hillary will likely be deposed and fairly soon.

Bernie's brilliance now penetrates my thick skull

Bernie knew from the start that he was going to have a difficult, if not impossible task of beating the Clinton political machine.
But he campaigned as a Democrat in an effort to reform the Demonic Party from within.
This, I knew from the start would probably be an impossible task. His political demise was engineered by the malignant Democratic corporatocracy.

Another Clinton brainstorm!

It has been a contest in which the only losers will be the 99%. 2016 will go down in history as the most inept, let alone corrupt, campaign since before the Civil War. I don't know how many times Trump's loose tongue, which is obviously detached from his cognitive faculties, has said the most stupid, unnecessarily inflammatory things. But this essay does not focus on Mr. Drumpf.