Open Thread Friday 4-17-2020

When a big change in life occurs how should you feel? What should you do? How should you move forward? Since 1969 the path way many Americans use is the five DABDA stages (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance) described by Dr Kübler-Ross in her book On Death and Dying. It moved from the realm of end of life care and hospice into how to manage change in business and all aspects of major disruptive transitions in life.

For me Acceptance became not a stage to achieve, rather letting go of Denial, Fear, Anger and Depression to let in rational thought. Life may not be what I want, it does become easier to live, make changes and move into the directions I desire.

Over time the five stages have morphed into 7 steps on a Change Curve

Open Thread Friday 4-10-2020

Compromised breathing is a major problem in modern society. Pollution, smoking, infectious disease and simply aging slowly erodes the effectiveness of our breathing capacity. Teaching breathing skills is not a common practice in the United States. Medical practitioners are doing a better job now than in the past. Competitive practices from alternative medical traditions have increased the use of breath techniques in allopathic medicine. The names of the exercises are different, but the tecniques are similar.

The examples in the following videos are really important to learn before you actually have need to use them to keep breathing. I have put together a selection with different teachers and body types hopefully one resonates with you - to your improved health.

Open Thread Friday 4-3-2020

Seasons come, seasons go and the cycle continues. Most of Americans life revolves around seasons defined by the market place and man-made events. What wrapping paper message in on the boxes of chocolate in the stores. Is it Easter, Christmas, Valentine or Happy Halloween? Which sports season? I became confused as they began to overlap. Is it flu or allergy season? What should I be celebrating or complaining about?

It all stopped. A virus came along. Our carefully constructed illusion of mankind controlling the enviornment is under attack. Mother nature just gave us a time out.

Open Thread Friday 3-27-2020

My county is has 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Testing is still very limited in Oregon and we are in a partial lock down. Some optimization if we follow the guidelines may not overrun our capacity of hospital beds. This will go on for several weeks and every few days there area a few more restrictive orders.

Open Thread Friday 3-20-2020

The world as you know it ends today. Usually we experience this in small unrelated episodes unnoticed by the rest of the world. The car accident, job loss, debilitating injury, cancer diagnosis, fatal infectious diseases, now living with a chronic physical or mental disease and loss of a loved one are endured in silence.

Coronavirus is different. It is a collective worldwide event. We are experiencing the COVID-19 event even if not infected with the virus. The fear, the closing down of communities, the actual infection and the recovery is being played out in each nation. The resilience of each country's government and their population is open for the whole world to observe.

Open Thread Friday 3-13-2020

Welcome and good day. It has been a fast few weeks. I hope you and yours are well and have had time to make some preparations for staying in place if necessary. The necessary part has become more real as we have seen how fast this virus can move in our communities. This is not an abstract event in other countries seen on TV or our web devices.

Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Ohio Department of Health, discussing community spread in Ohio. Do the math for your local area.

Open Thread Friday 2-28-2020

Our conversations are not simply abstract words, they result in changes in other peoples lives. When writing a gardening subject a couple years ago a few C99 members in warmer climatic zones kept mentioning their fig harvest. I bought a plant for the greenhouse last April. If all goes well I will taste my first fresh picked fig this season.
soe fig.JPG

Open Thread Friday 2-21-2020

Finding a basic diet plan for the average person is actually quite complicated. Lots of advice is available and much of it contradictory.

This program originally developed in Brazil about 10 years ago is a good foundation. It is not complicated. Simple adjustments can be made to accommodate food sensitivities, medical conditions and many of the dietary suggestions that have been offered in multiple C99 diaries.

Open Thread Friday 2-14-2020

The opioid addiction is not a problem originating in the poor. One needs funds to develop a habit. It is a path to poverty that many individuals and their families have traveled.

The opioid overdose and addiction problem is not because people are in despair and communities hopeless. The safety net government and healthcare professionals built up over decades was destroyed for profit. Individuals were unaware of the dangers of the drugs they were prescribed. Healthcare professionals were reeducated, prompted and enforced to provide opioids for pain relief. Then after public outcry became loud enough they were reeducated, prompted and enforced to provide alternatives to opioids for pain relief. Many individuals who now have lifelong physical dependency and new health problems were abruptly denied prescription drugs or at minimum insurance coverage of the medications. Illicit use of opioid products increased with all the associated societal problems.

watch 3:21 to 9:34