Thursday Open Thread 5-24-2018

Good Morning. If we live long enough most of us will experience a period of physical and mental disability ourselves or a close loved one. Acknowledging the possibility frees us to tackle the societal and political challenges. The most resilient individuals I have known had disabilities. The greater the limitation the more creativity required.

To Survive the Trumpocalypse, We Need Wild Disability Justice Dreams

Finding your Pot Blend.

So, I've noticed that a lot of people tend to come to me for advice on pot blends for PTSD online.

They don't usually do it openly, but I have a huge number of emails, personal messages and instant messenger conversations about it on a monthly basis. I admit that my own personal experience is somewhat limited, since I've only been using pot a total of 4 years as a therapy.

Thursday Open Thread 5-3-2018

A brief thought break, then back to regularly scheduled musings on resilience mind set tools and potential scenarios.

Two phrases keep mulling through my mind similar to the tune that plays over and over.

"If we don't fight them over there we'll have to fight them here at home." Could be a Freudian slip. Maybe a peace effort could be sold as self preservation of American culture. If the rest of the world is successful pushing out our military industrial complex (MIC) the focus will be all our neighborhoods, not just around military bases, poor and racially diverse neighborhoods. The push for expanded military in Washington state was a little close to home.

"US Partition of Syria" It is the method used in Korea to keep troops next to China after the division of China proposed between Mao and Chiang Kai-shek was refused. The British colonial powers habitually divided civilizations as a method to maintain disorder for ease of control. If the Confederate States had not lost the Civil War Canada, United States and Confederate States could have been played to create a state of perpetual tension to manipulate from afar. Is this part of the origin of our identity politics?

Thursday Open Thread 4-19-2018

This week hinted at the uncertainty of the future and reminded us of the difficulty making a significant impact on many of those challenges. Still, small acts taken today can benefit us or the unknown stranger many years in the future. People, communities or plants our actions are ripples in a pond moving forward.

The various fruit trees that provided food as I grew up had been planted nearly 40 years before my parents bought the place. Each place I have moved from was left with a few new plants and better soil.

Thursday Open Thread 4-5-2018

Morning, may this week find you well with interesting activities. Watching spring unfold and plants wake up is one way to watch time pass. In December I was rising in the dark at 7 am and needed to start evening chores by 3 pm to race the approaching darkness. Now the sun is awakening me at 5 am and daylight is available to after 7 pm for outside activities.

One of our greatest luxuries is controlling our own time. Most of our lives are controlled by clocks, schedules and planned activities of work, vacations choreographed to the minute detail and goal orientated hobbies. One time thief is using medications and drugs that were originally started as a benefit, now have become another controller in one's life.

Discusses drug use for a couple of minutes (the complete video is 12 minutes)

Thursday Open Thread 3-29-2018

Spend time and energy to obtain the home you want. Find a new home or create the home right where you are living. Advice given to me years ago "Do the action, even if you do not the five years will still pass. If the action is taken you are farther along the road you wanted to travel and ready for new adventures."

Thursday Open Thread 3-23-2018

Migrants and immigrants moving into an area change the land and culture for current and future residents. Part of our looking for long term solutions to today's problems is recognizing how immigration can be used for political and business objectives.

Oregon's history of western civilization is shorter than most other parts of the nation. Lewis and Clark only crossed through this land in 1805 to claim territory for the United States. The migration of immigrants began with fur traders, followed by missionaries and settlers.

Thursday Open Thread 3-15-2018

An introduction to world religions in college explored the idea of learning how other cultures viewed the world around them as a method to clarify ones observations regarding their own culture. Internet Sacred Text Archive opens the door to thoughts and opinions from different times and cultures.

If using a non-native language to think about an solve a problem can improve rational decision making and reduce cultural bias, imagine the potential benefits of applied cultural literacy.

Thursday Open Thread 3-8-2018

Over the years I have become more disillusioned about accepting science as the primary reason to adopt a solution to a problem. Instead of a discipline of discovery and method to identify best practices, products or solutions it has become a tool of marketing to push one product over another or to discredit historical practices.

In November of 2011 I traveled to China, with other pharmacists on a cultural exchange of medical practices. In Xian (location of the terracota warriors) we explored some of the work being done to compare Western treatment methods with TCM (traditional chinese medicine). One of the obstacles to direct comparisons was how medical conditions were defined differently. For example diabetes was not considered a singular condition and monitoring blood sugars was not part of any treatment protocol or diagnostic process.

Interesting new overview of diabetics
in Sweden and Finland will be changing the way diabetes is managed in the future.