Maria Muldaur

Album of the Week 12-2-23

Afternoon folks!

This week we've got a mess of good stuff. We've got a James Cotton album to lead off, followed by a compilation of old Falcons records - a really great r&b/doo-wop group that had some enormous talents pass through it over the years. Following that there's a movie soundtrack album with Mike Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites, Paul Butterfield and Maria Muldaur on it. I think that it's kind of an overlooked album given the talent on it. After that there's a mid-70's John Hammond album with a bunch of good stuff on it followed by Johnny Winter backed up by the Muddy Waters band including James Cotton and Muddy Waters who sings on the last cut. We've got a JJ Cale (kinda greatest hits) compilation and to finish up, for a little diversity there's a Joe Ely album, probably his best one.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Saturday Song Open Thread - Richland Woman Blues

Hey, it's songday. I pick a song that I believe warrants it and publish an assortment of the covers of that song by various persons and or groups. Pick a few that are new to you and have a listen. It is also, of course, an open thread to talk about anything you feel like.

Today's song is: Richland Woman Blues