John Lewis

I want John Lewis to go to Chicago

Will he and the others do that?


Who is killing whom and how often? With what?

Will they occupy Rahm's office with Chick Filet deliveries?


Will they Periscope their protest against the outrage of daily gun violence on the streets of Chicago?


It's all shit.

I'm sorry for picking on Chicago. Could've chosen many other cities. Sorry.

The Great Strike Wave of 1946

[The 1946 coal strike] is the most momentous event in the country's peacetime history."
- Evansville Courier, 1946

When most people think of labor unrest in America they think of the 1930's, or the various major strikes of the 19th Century. The fact is that no year, before or since, saw so many strikes, and such a large percentage of people on strike, or so many industries effected by strikes, as 1946.
Never before had labor unions flexed so much muscle.