John Bolton

Tucker Carlson, Col. Macgregor: what's wrong with War with Iran

Tucker Carlson interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor on the Iran War thesis. I take great heart in seeing common sense in the conservative community. It's like a breath of fresh air while we are suffocating within the insanity of neoliberal, neocon hot air. I think the photos of John Bolton in this piece also make the point that Bolton is simply deranged.


Four current articles against Deep State policy in Syria

Four articles strongly critical of Deep State policy in Syria may be moving the focus of world attention toward peace and against planetary suicide. I know that's a strong statement, but I feel there is reason to hope that common sense and clear research are gaining attention.

I have not finished reading each of these articles, but I hope we can increase our knowledge and confidence in a future without annihilation by studying them and carrying them forward.

John Bolton - Neocon/Zionist Warmonger/Psychopath National Security Advisor to President Trump


I'm just going to post the title and say something like, um, wait, let me drink a beer.

I'm back.

I was going to say that um, Bolton is, um, what this means is um, wait, let me drink another beer.

I'm back.

So anyhoo, you gotta be shittin' me. Really? John Bolton, right after appointing Pompeo to SOS and that Torture Lady to head the Gestapo?