human sacrifice

Interesting video onthe proto-European Minoan Crete civilization

For a long time I have been fascinated with the lost Minoan civilization, which came to an abrupt end around 1600 BC.

Its not mentioned in this video but excavations at the site of Akrotiri tell of human sacrifice, in the shadow of the erupting volcano. Theysuggest human sacrifices were occurring.

This was the most advanced civilization in the world at that time? Scary.

Or were they? Were they actually heinous barbarians.

Human sacrifice is not good for the economy, and neither is class warfare

Wednesday in The Guardian online there was a piece by Jonathan Portes titled "Don't believe the myth that we must sacrifice lives to save the economy." This is an attempt to rationally rebut the notion that "the economy" is some kind of god or gods which demands continual human sacrifice if the un