Glamping : A & B's Excellent Adventure

Boy, did we ever learn a lot! Mostly the hard way!
The goal was to find a secluded cabin for 2 with WiFi, cell phone, a view of Lake Sam Rayburn,and some hiking trails.
Well, Yahoo driving directions, once the perfect link, doesn't seem to exist anymore. Everything directed us to Google. Google does not show or mention CR (country roads) or FM (farm to market roads)at all. It added 1 hour and a 1/4 tank of spent fuel to the initial first day of vacation.

Glamping: The preparation

Glamping:h/t to Lotlizard for bringing the term to my attention.
Texas has lakes. Texas is huge. Some lakes are close. Some lakes take more than a day of driving to see., and possibly days.
The first issue is to figure out which lake to score a cabin for a stay within a 3 hour driving distance from home. That took a week.
Then, discovering 50 realtors and 3500 cabins, you slavishly go through them.
That takes 2 weeks.