Depressed? Getting there? You NEED This!

Sometimes by the end of the day the totality of the global suckage really gets to ya, and then the next morning you find that while you slept stuff happened that puts a different focus on all that. Yeah, it all sucks, but it does get pretty freaking entertaining.

It's 7 am and isn't this a fun day already?

What are your favorite Podcasts? Here are some of the internet's best. Please share your favorites with us.

Of course, what is "best" is highly subjective, but here are some of those that I listen to regularly.

Most of those that I list will be decidedly apolitical or at least not predominately politically focused. The reason for this is I tend to mostly listen to podcasts when doing mindless tasks such as yard work or when working in my shop, basically times when I want to relax, something that anyone who regularly delves into our political process can all agree is the opposite of relaxing. Smile

Ok, so here it goes in no particular order.

Weird Medicine with Doctor Steve - This is an excellent choice for those who are into all things medical or have questions that they may not be comfortable asking friends or even their doctor about. Be advised, this podcast frequently delves into completely NSFW topics, so I suggest headphones in mixed company. (which also may come with the hazard of people seeing you laugh really hard for no apparent reason at random times) Smile

I recommend this one highly and suggest you start with an episode or two that are on subjects that you think you may be interested in but don't be afraid to jump all the way back to their very first unpolished episode as they are not generally time sensitive subjects and there are a lot of inside jokes and references that make the show even more enjoyable that you will otherwise miss out on.