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Jimmy Dore Blows the Doors off the Democratic Party Tonight

Yup, I like Jimmy Dore and the Jimmy Dore Show... but tonight he was on fire. I am talking 10 videos, all of them worth watching, and if you follow Jimmy, this is actually quite a rare event, so I guess he had a few things on his mind... not only that, but they are almost all about the election, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and her cabal of losers.

The reason Elizabeth avoided the protest, and why I am leaving.

The close-minded,jaw-dripping posts of a very few pretty much told me that this place is not for me.
The idea that Warren deliberately dissed folks, by USING THE BACK DOOR, to enter a meeting with constituents is inane and absolutely wrong.

Elizabeth Warren hides from supporters in Northampton, MA

Forty or more peaceable Bernie supporters waited for Senator Warren to appear at the WWII veterans hall in Northampton, where she was slated to talk about "income inequality". That was pretty good turnout on a Sunday, late in the afternoon, with little advanced notice . . .

Warren for Hillary's Running Mate

Say what you will about Elizabeth Warren, but she's a damn sight better than Shillary, and for that reason, Warren would make a better president than her. Alas, she demurred.

Now, there's some buzz about making Warren Hillary's running mate. This comes in light of the Twitter war between Trump and Warren. Certain folks believe that she would make for a good running mate. I wonder why that is?

A Reason why Elizabeth Warren might agree to run for VP

Liz Warren is possibly the smartest person in Washington. She's already proven herself to be effective, which does not require further emphasis by me. She does an exquisite job at skewering self-serving, sociopathic Banksters, Federal Revolving Door bureaucrats, Koch-suckers. She gets under the skin of Donald Trump like no one else can (three cheers for that attribute alone).

Resilience: The Two-Income Trap - Reflections On Time And Money

Thinking clearly about money is one of the biggest challenges to personal and family resilience. Resilient families get the trade-off between time and money right. Lovie and I have made our mistakes along the way, but 25 years later, we know we had made the appropriate trade-off, right at the start of our relationship, between money and time. I would like to lay out our thinking in conjunction with then law professor, now U.S. senator, Elizabeth Warren.

Here's a Thought about Bernie's Inevitability

I read today that Elizabeth Warren may soon come out with an endorsement for a Presidential Candidate. And I thought 'that's curious' because an earlier endorsement would have made a big difference in the current standing of the race. So why would she withhold an endorsement until it would make a lesser impact?