electoral college

So what the heck is going on...?

Unlike my usual essays, which I actually mull over and let slowly form before putting pen to paper (so to speak).....I am really just putting down some observations today regarding the Circus which has been taking place sine Election Day.

You can reference back to my Prior post-election piece for a more thought-out line of thinking. But for this one, suffice it to say I am just really wondering WTF is going on in the invisible rooms of the Establishment ?

A Review of the Electoral College

Recently I was discussing my support of Stein with a friend. They suggested that Stein supporters might cost the $hill the election. I agreed that indeed might be the case, but not in deep red Alabama. I went on to explain that Alabama was sure to vote T-rump. My friend was confused thinking that the popular vote somehow determined the election. I reminded them that Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college (thanks to Jeb rigging the election in Florida).