Election 2016

So what the heck is going on...?

Unlike my usual essays, which I actually mull over and let slowly form before putting pen to paper (so to speak).....I am really just putting down some observations today regarding the Circus which has been taking place sine Election Day.

You can reference back to my Prior post-election piece for a more thought-out line of thinking. But for this one, suffice it to say I am just really wondering WTF is going on in the invisible rooms of the Establishment ?

False Narratives: It's not just for NeoLibs, anymore....

In the aftermath of American Voters rejecting the False Narrative of "Madame President", which had been spun by MSM, the DNC, and Neolib Establishment for several years now, I think it worth mentioning that a danger exists for the Progressive Movement to fall victim to the very same dynamic.

An Intervention for Clinton Supporters: Time for a Political Divorce!

In response to all the rants from the Clinton supporter's blaming everyone else but the Clintons/DNC/and their many surrogates, for the spectacular failure of the Clinton Campaign, I would like to offer them this intervention.

Disability Caucus Open Thread 11/11/2016: We Don't Matter

You know, I'm tempted to punch the next person I see right in the mouth with the response to Trump's victory, but that wouldn't do any good. So I'll just explain why it is I personally don't give a damn about this.

After reading the bit about Paul Ryan wanting to pull the plug on grandma at the Orange Shitcan, I have this to say:

Alpha's Election Night Survival Thread/Live Blog. Now with useful tips!

Well, I just went and voted (Stein, couldn't bring myself to break my pledge to not vote for evil, even to stop Clinton.)

Some interesting anecdotes:

My wife went to vote right after she got off work this morning. She arrived about 20 minutes before the Florida polls opened. She reported that there were only about a dozen people in line and by the time she was done voting there was no line whatsoever.

NEW Guccifer 2.0 Leak and NEW Assange Interview

This just in, ye of little faith:

Today, in an interview, Julian Assange signaled to the Australian Broadcasting System that WikiLeaks will release around One Million documents before the U.S. election.