DWS and the hot potato computer: "Yes, I want it...er, no I don't"

One thing about Dumbocrats, besides their lack of economic / social / sane programs, integrity is their abysmal lack of computer skills. Of course the epitome of all such qualities is Debbie Washerwoman Schultz, who was so bad that even her fellow Dems dumped her (although Medusa did rescue her afterwards).

Coming down your way, DNC, more trouble

Have you ever driven down a poorly marked road at an intersection, where this happens? (please do not infer political labelling to the situation described). From the left, all the way from Pakistan, the Amazing Disappearing Awan Brothers mobile computer store semi-trailer truck of used computers and useful data. Now coming from your left, the San Diego ballot box boohoo (see below) and coming from dead ahead, the rolling barrage of the Beck Fraudsuit, with targets DNC and Darling Debbie?

DWS threat to Capitol Police Chief – she told him there is "no investigation"

During an otherwise routine budget meeting for the U.S. Capitol Police on May 18, an extraordinary video was recorded, but it has only now started to get attention since the arrest of Imran Awan as he tried to flee the country. What’s really significant in that video isn’t just Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s threat “there will be consequences” made to the Captain of the Capitol Police.

Trump's once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy the Democrats for all time.

Consider the still-evolving story of sedition and treason in addition to the banal but harmful corruption of our political system underlying the Awan Brothers thievery of material (computer stuff) but more importantly information, much of it classified or higher security. The story for those unaware has been told dozens if not hundreds of times in the alternate media, of which we are members.